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  1. I love the following bit: It is Williams' way of patting the director on the head and saying, "That is a really good idea Mr. Director. You are so smart and talented." How much do film directors help or hinder the process? Another knowing chuckle down the line. “Directors will always talk about what they think they want musically,” Williams replies. “And I always listen to them. But usually when I get to the piano and start to work, those ideas are pretty much gone. It’s always better for me to respond to the visual material — the film that’s actually being shot — than to verbal instructions.
  2. Non-Williams list Bach, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" (already mentioned) Handel, Hallelujah chorus Prokofiev, Troika Ave Maria, both the Schubert and Bach/Gounad Beethoven, Seven Symphony, (all of it, but especially the Fourth Movement melody). Horner, The Rocketeer Main theme Goldsmith, First Contact Main Theme O Holy Night Tchaikovsky, Piano Concerto, first movement. Beethoven, Pathetique Sonata, second movement Bonus: Holst, The Planets, Jupiter.
  3. This score would be perfect for a Live to Projection event--the carousel cue alone would be worth admission, but alas such things are only for the blockbusters.
  4. because the same question is asked every six months and people grow tired of picking of the obviously correct choice.
  5. This was announced in the Vienna thread, but I am guessing that is not regularly checked by many. The piece is extremely good--so why not give it its own thread. Here you go: DG has now released a video of the performance:
  6. Excellent performance and recording. I love the energy and craziness of the regular concert version so much that I struggle to connect with this more subdued version. But, the world is big enough for both. It really works with Dracula as well, and probably for the same reason.
  7. I find this New Yorker interview to be a rather clever jab at inter-office politics and nice commentary on contemporary mores.
  8. I see Williams explained his prominent use of the Timpani due to loud sound effects in current movies. How directors can be so dumb is beyond me.
  9. No, just a riff on the Schindler story.
  10. I think that is the best arrangement of the bunch--could easily serve as the first or last movement of a top-tier violin concerto. The Duel is my second favorite, followed by Cinderella Liberty. The rest are nice but pale in comparison to their original counterparts.
  11. Williams has addressed this. He mentioned that while he was watching a rough cut with Lucas on the scenes in question, he teared up a bit over how poorly edited they were. Lucas said, "I am going to need you to score these," to which Williams replied, "I'd rather be dead."
  12. Yes, it comes down to me not liking seeing this score shortchanged (though I did not need to be stupid about it). I get the movie is terrible, but why should that be relevant to how the score is evaluated? Incidentally, I think the score (not necessarily the OST) is better than AofC, CoS, TLJ, and TRoS, in terms of the listed movies. If it wasn't for Rey's theme, it would be better than TFA as well.
  13. Maybe, but I consider the score to KotCS better than at least two of the entries on the list.
  14. It just seems a bit strange to call IJ a trilogy is all.
  15. Well, you are already making IJ a trilogy when it is not--why not call the others trilogies?
  16. Excellent performance of Hook. For better or for worse, the first concert version I ever heard was the Kunzel one, and listening to the less exciting Flight always leaves me wanting more.
  17. I will add Towering Inferno to the list. The opening helicopter scene is one of the better mood-setters. The movie itself is overstuffed, but the score hits the right moments.
  18. It depends on how good the movie itself needs to be. I thought Memoirs of a Geisha's score fit like a glove, but the movie still lags. Anyway, Warhorse, Images, and AI.
  19. Tom


    Just to be clear, you are not asking JW.
  20. Same reason Voyager brought in and then did everything to show off a character with enormous breasts--it is smoke and mirrors to distract from mediocre story-telling.
  21. Maybe this should have been the plot of the sequel trilogy. A newly appointed leader of the new Republic that makes several bad decisions and the infighting that ensues.
  22. Given that Williams loves writing for particular strengths of a given orchestra and acoustics of the hall, can you imagine the writing for the Vienna horns? And the nature of the piece calls for it to begin with. I am looking forward to the violin concerto, but this little piece excites me a bit more.
  23. At this point, who cares. The films are what they are. Its not like they can redo them with the original trio (nor Williams). Enjoy their scores (and movies, if they are your cup of tea) and call it a day.
  24. Williams life really does stretch back to a whole different era in music and history. I just looked up who was president when he was born--Herbert Hoover, who in turn was born less than 10 years after Lincoln was assassinated. Not sure why I find that noteworthy, but there you go.
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