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  1. Williams recently bit me on the arm. Let's find a dentist!
  2. Improbable but not unimaginable, particularly given his (sith-like unnatural) health.
  3. I have always wondered about the trombone. Wasn't that one of his first instruments he learned to play?
  4. I say this unironically. Heartbeeps is the sort of film that would be a good LTP performance. The oddness of the film and Kaufman's presence would bring out the avantgarde crowd.
  5. Is this the 100th anniversary of the HB? Or, more directly, will we get Williams's new fanfare at these concerts?
  6. Memoirs of a Geisha Nixon Witches of Eastwick The Patriot How to Steal a Million
  7. Not a top ten, but in the ballpark.
  8. I love when Tintin gets some love.
  9. It is irritating, but without the big donors, there is probably not a BSO/Pops. My biggest gripe is when the people do not actually use their ticket or, worse yet for a Williams's concert, leave early.
  10. That is Carol of the Bells. The whole piece is a fugue between the two melodies of it and Star of Bethlehem.
  11. So you have been nervous in relation to Williams for 20 years?
  12. I don't think this is what Williams means. He says time and again that even at his age, he loves scoring films, especially when they "turn him on," to use his phrase. It is more of a both/and versus either/or.
  13. I find that the piece is very original but it has a continual harshness that repels me, but to each their own. It is a nice piece to throw out to those who claim Williams' music is just warmed over Holst or such nonsense.
  14. I used to be disappointed that his concerti were not like his film music. But as I age, one, I have come to see how little actually separates them, two, the two are complimentary, three, we have hours and hours and hours of his film music--it is not like he is doing all that many fewer films to write concert stuff, four, his concert music is brilliant (well, aside from the flute concerto), and finally, it is not like I have him on retainer to write music for me--he is an artist who should do as he pleases. ps. is there an award around here for run-on sentences?
  15. I would have loved a little snippet of Han's theme in ROS.
  16. Cool interview. Isn't there an ad from many years ago with Williams on Steinway? He speaks of working on the violin concerto for next summer, so the interview must have taken place last spring/early summer.
  17. Since you asked nicely, here is a nice little one. The full concert suite gives the flute several moments of crazy fast playing virtuosity, but this one plays like a movement in a concerto (with two flutes).
  18. Don't make me post a bunch of BFG.
  19. I have about 3897 political opinions, and I have unlimited people in life to share them with. I have just about as many opinions on things related to John Williams and his music. I do not have unlimited people to share them with. I like the rules. Keep politics out and let this be a sanctuary focused upon JW and music discussions.
  20. It is more iconic because it has three more notes.
  21. Excellent poll question. Close Encounters for everything, but they are both masterpieces. Both scores keep you enjoyably off-balance and anxious throughout, but the musical payoff to CE may never be surpassed (and, no, not even ET pulled that off). I must see a live to projection version when such things return.
  22. True on both counts. I find the score borderline unbelievably bad, given his actual talent. It was never going to be a masterpiece, but some very bizarre choices were made--beginning with the opening piece.
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