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  1. I have always liked the "coda" after the "first ending" but also felt the first ending was a bit of a momentum killer. Seeing the live performance really changes that for me. The piece needs a small breather before its crazily energetic finale. I love this piece. Nothing too original with the main melody itself but the frenetic, non-stop vibe the orchestration bestow give the piece a credibility all its own.
  2. You are not really in the correct thread for this question and your response to Miguel comes off as a bit rude. We were discussing the revisions made to the Song for World Peace. To answer your question, yes, there is a signature edition of American Journey in the works, but it will not be the six movements as heard in the original version (I doubt there is an original score available). Contact Hal Leonard for when they plan to release it.
  3. I found this version. My memory, though, is of a piece that ran over 6 minutes (but I could be mistaken on that).
  4. If memory serves, the newer version was performed at some point with the BPO and had a radio broadcast (quite good--nicely extended violin part). But I do not have a recording and do not remember the year of the broadcast.
  5. it struck me as a generic rip off of the SW main title, which you cannot do in an actual SW movie.
  6. Well, it would have at least worked to avoid the oddest musical moment in the SW franchise (obviously, the title card music for Rogue One).
  7. The SW anthology films have one upped them in dumbness (deafness?) by opting to not use the SW opening as their calling card.
  8. If he conducts the Tribute next week and the BSO right after, I would say that he is fine (whatever exactly that means for a 90 year old).
  9. There is zero real evidence that he is not doing the concert, but if he were to back out, this would not be strong evidence that there is something really wrong, particularly when there is a global pandemic going on. He is conducting several concerts in the next couple weeks--he is fine.
  10. "Hey John. Why have you never written a theme for me? I mean Dukakis got one, Obama got one, Kobe got one...what gives?" "I tell you what Steven. Make a movie about yourself, and I'll write your damn theme." "Hmm. Okay. Here you go." "Damn it, Steven. I'm working on Indy here (plus I have to write a new big piece for the woman, as it will become the new theme for the franchise)."
  11. I would not trust this particular tabloid article. However, there is a fact buried in all this. Disney will continue this franchise past Harrison Ford--that much is guaranteed.
  12. This came up on my Youtube suggestion feed. I am fairly sure I had not heard it. Not bad, a little too slow, particularly in comparison to the energy of the FSO.
  13. When TRoS suite is finally released, I am guessing the FSO will quickly perform and video-release it.
  14. Fantastic performance. The hero melody seems slightly tweaked, but it might just be the syncopation choices of the orchestra. The timpani explosion at the end--I love this piece. Williams needs to release Galaxy's Edge if for no other reason than to hear FSO's take on it.
  15. The Mission (Amazing Stories)
  16. This thread makes me realize that I am an envious, jealous, and small person.
  17. Okay, I am calmer now. I suppose I find the immersive rationale odd. The source music of JW's SW scores are very earthly, and I think that is what makes it great. "Alien" music that is just synth based stuff seems to lack any real creativity (like out of PBS kids show about the future), and it just feels like Disney is trying to reinvent the SW musical wheel (when no such thing is called for). Maybe I am not as calm as I thought.
  18. Yes. What does that have to do with the quality of the piece in relation to Williams's own? I have not been to the park, but these two posts do not seem consistent, unless the by "plays plenty" you just mean the ride. Is the piece only heard in the ride, but not elsewhere? And if it is played elsewhere, then why not the gate?
  19. To quote the dude from ST III: Have you lost your sense of reality? Why would any corporation use this when they have Williams's original composition? It is like going to the finest restaurant only to order Mcnuggets, or to have freaking John Williams compose you a brilliant piece only to use this crap. Actually, it is quite like the latter...almost identical, in fact.
  20. Hogwarts Forever has a very British feel to it. Quite frankly, more traditional British than anything found in the non-Williams scores.
  21. Kobe was not the biggest?---shame on the LA audience.
  22. Funny that the director hired to oversee that whole thing was not English but an American named after an Italian. I think she had bigger problems than with a guy named "Williams."
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