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  1. The flyer is up! Goldsmith TV collection, Cobra Kai, and Beavis and Butthead. Color me uninterested this month.
  2. So they send out the emails at midnight Pacific? I’ll go ahead and guess The Lost World and HP4. So original, I know
  3. Changing the topic slightly, how bad are the audio issues on the initial pressings of the Azkaban discs versus the new ones? I can’t easily pick up on that kind of thing. As a point of reference, is it more or less of a problem than the sound quality of the 1997 Empire and Jedi Special Edition soundtracks (which are likewise frequently praised for their selection of music but criticized for poor audio)? Thanks! (To clarify, my hearing is not the most acute, and I’m essentially of the “quantity over quality” camp when it comes to a soundtrack expansion). It’s really been bothering me, though, that I can’t hear these flaws that I suppose should be obvious…?
  4. With all due respect, Jay, I think you underestimate the power of the Mouse. Just because we don’t hear about it doesn’t mean LLL doesn’t get a slap on the wrist and a warning.
  5. That’s a very good point. However, given that it’s the maestro’s ninetieth year, I really do think they’re being conscientious of their release schedule and waiting to go all out for the holidays.
  6. I still wasn't able to confirm any information about a backorder/delay in receiving stock, but my order just changed to "Awaiting Shipment," so hopefully yours will, too!
  7. Side note: Is the OST still in print, or is this a counterfeit being sold by Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000002OOY/ I can't find it new on any other websites.
  8. I admit that I had no idea about the change in AFM rules, but based on what Mike Matessino said in his recent interview, I am 99% sure it would be a 3-CD release as you and I have speculated. Also, I suspect John Williams would like to have his original program available on CD again. As far as I am aware, it was only ever available (in the US, at least) bundled with a deluxe DVD set or as part of a crappy “dinorama” that had a tendency to scratch the discs, lol.
  9. Ooh, I didn’t realize it went out of stock at all. Or do you mean it was backordered but they were still accepting purchases? Either way, that’s a good sign for the popularity of this release.
  10. So do people think we'll get a remastered The Lost World this year? I'm betting on a three-disc set for $40 this September or October (possibly the latter, if they play up the horror aspects of the movie). In any case, they should play up the 25th anniversary. We already know about the August LLL releases, and while I'm sure TLW would prove extremely popular, I doubt it would have the desirability of a holiday deluxe release. Not sure what would, though, other than SW and Indy, obviously, and LLL can't touch those. I apologize if this has been mentioned already (it probably has...), but it would be interesting if they packaged TLW with JP3, a la Superman. I personally think that would be a strange and highly unlikely route to go, but I imagine a lot of people would appreciate it. Far better (and more profitable) to issue them both individually in the same month, which I imagine a lot of people would appreciate even more.
  11. So this is the second purchase I've made from La-La Land (the first being Schindler's List, although in retrospect that was to bleak a place to start my collection). However, Schindler did move from "Awaiting Fulfillment" to "Awaiting Shipping" to "Shipped" within two days. I'm sorry if this ends up derailing the thread, but since I can't find this information elsewhere, I was just wondering, as I wait for my order status to change: 1. Does LLL process orders on weekends? I know they have a very small team. 2. Does the popularity of the item I order determine how long it takes to fulfill? Or is it just based on the queue of payments that comes in? 3. Is Jurassic Park reserved for me once I order it, or is there a chance that "Awaiting Fulfillment" might mean that it will sell out before they reach my spot in line? Sorry for so many anxious questions, I just do not want to miss out on this score a second time. I can't believe I slept on it for so long, just because I wasn't interested in Dino theme parks. Absolutely sublime music.
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