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  1. you can say that!! a beautiful photo, plus me and another member of the community are right there framed next to the Maestro. I'll frame it at home!
  2. here https://www.instagram.com/p/CVGj7Zxg1J-/ and https://youtu.be/cBbdcP_jVDM
  3. I see then that in the end you were at the Sony center at night (beautiful dome lit at night). You remember the first night when I showed you the photo of the place and suggested you take a look at it (in the evening) the following days? I didn't notice the Lindenbrau was there. Too many things to do and too little time for me, but I am glad to know that you were in the area and also that you all found yourself there to spend a good post concert evening!
  4. No, they did not accept refunds as indicated in the sales agreements. At the limit and in a completely exceptional way, after talking several times with them explaining the situation, there could be the possibility of receiving a voucher not the money back (I didn't need a voucher) and in that case the place would be put up for sale by them. I then continued to leave the ticket for sale. So as I wrote I had two tickets, used only one so there was an empty seat. Maybe for others, the things went the same. However what a wonderful evening!! also my "best" seat turned out to be a great choice, I listened in an incredible way from that seat. In my ears imaging and "stereo" soundstage were perfect, and also the reverb relationship between direct sound, early reflections and decay was incredible (this also thanks to the Philharmonie Hall and its shape). A dream!
  5. exactly! also as I wrote in order to make the evening special and even slightly different from what has already been done on other European dates, the presence of the choir would be fantastic. And precisely being in Italy, and since the event will be held in an opera theater, it would be excellent the presence of the choir of the National Academy of Santa Cecilia one of the oldest musical institutions in the world (founded 1585), which in addition to numerous international awards has collaborated among others also with Ennio Morricone. It's just my opinion, of course but it would be nice and interesting to ear the result. For me it would turn out something spectacular!
  6. they didn't manage the exchanges. So surely if you didn't sell it to someone it would be empty.
  7. I did so (also delivery of food at home...) since I was not fully vaccinated, just to be sure that the day before departure the antigen test was negative.
  8. probably there is also to consider that many (myself included) had more than one ticket for the same evening. I had two for the evening of the 14th, since I had modified my seat later with a better position. So for example my" first" seat remained empty, this also due to poor management of ticket sales/resale by the Philharmonie...but that's another story. This undoubtedly contributed to the presence of empty seats.
  9. Yes also me noticed this. Try the direct link posted above. Probably during the radio stream there was some filter in action that caused weird things, with the direct file seems ok (or at least it seems to me for the minutes I have listen to it)
  10. Thanks @Fabulin some hours ago during the live I have captured the audio stream, but with this link it's better and easier, so thanks!
  11. Simple incredible!! I just saw the video, you were great! In general I think that we all as an audience managed to convey to him in all the evenings our affection and our joy. And it seems to me that without any doubt JW realized this. it's me that must thank you @GlastoEls for being (even with a little patience and you know why...) my companion in one of the most memorable experiences of my life!
  12. since the concert is at "La Scala" in Italy maybe it will be fantastic if he could do an experiment with the choir of the "Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia". It would be extremely interesting to hear the result for example in Battle of the Heroes...
  13. Exactly, seat 13 for me...I was the one with the special mask with two blue elastics on the sides and a front bow. I remember you very well. Too bad I didn't know, if I had known I would have certainly gladly exchanged some impressions pre and post concert. Well at least we attended the concert together. And how many standing ovations we made!
  14. I can also confirm what Remco said. Amazing warmth. I loved too The Harry Potter runs. With my left ear the "high" violins, then violas section and my right ear the "lows" celli and basses. They sound spectacular togheter in the runs. A great help to this success comes also from 1st and 2nd violin in these runs. Just my opinion. The two people to my right were together, if so it was probably you! So you felt exactly how I felt and you know what I mean when I say it was wonderful. For example as I just wrote in the Harry Potter runs and in the tutti passages.
  15. I am sorry that I could not be able to meet you also in the few days that I stayed in Berlin for the concert. Unfortunately I had a rather complicated situation that did not allow me to have much flexibility. In fact, right after the concert last night, in the middle of the night, I took the flight home. But I was very pleased to be able to meet and talk to discuss Thursday's performance (but we didn't just talk about music)... in post-concert occasion or in the night with some friend here that was in my hotel too. Truly a pleasure for me to meet him!! I hope you have fun tonight and tomorrow too! and for sure this will be not the last occasion, I will try to attend other JW concerts. Have fun and have good concerts in these last few days! P.S.: from what I know probabably tomorrow there will be better weather in Berlin. The 14th morning was a pain in the...because of that drizzle. I also had a very small number of changes in clothes or shoes due to my short stay. Then there was also the problem of traffic lights for pedestrians, you could safely "fall asleep" in front of it waiting for the green. In addition they were not very synchronized, if you had to make an "L" you waited whole minutes for the first ten meters and still others to make the corner and so on. Eventually I started crossing everywhere
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