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  1. Sensationel. German Music Album Charts: For the first time in their history Williams, DG and Berliner Philharmoniker at 1. Look here https://www.offiziellecharts.de/charts/album The Williams Vienna Album was already a sensationel 6th place. And now with Berlin at 1...
  2. The setlist in Berlin was much better with the Elegy, the Theme from Jurassic Park., Yoda´s Theme, Olympic Fanfare and Theme, Far and away Suite and so on...Sound the bells and the ASM Violin Concert is not my favourite Williams Music.
  3. @Lord Montague:Yes, we are all Amateurs and you are the only professional
  4. @Lord Montague: Thats not the only one. But i don´t feel like discussing it with you anymore. It is slowly getting on my nerves....
  5. On Saturday he said...."to be standing before perhaps the best orchestra in the world". Thats it. That say all....
  6. Best orchestra thing ? Whats that Look here: https://www.rbb-online.de/rbbkultur/themen/musik/rezensionen/buehne/2021/10/philharmonie-berlin-john-williams-dirigiert-die-berliner-philharmoniker.html
  7. Thanks, Steve, that would be great... @bollemanneke: You can not speak with Lord Montague. He lives in his own VP world. Forget it. Maybe he is a Patron of the VP
  8. Yes there are still Tickets available. You need an account and a membership. Then you can order Tickets... Sorry, but i have not heard that JW ever say, the VP is perhaps the best orchestra in the world. You may have dreamed it You have your opinion, i have mine. So what....The most critics see it the same way that the BP is much better than the VP for the music of JW. And i did not read any bad critics in any Newspaper about the Berlin concert all over the world. Everyone was excited. Thats the fact. But maybe they all have no idea, only you
  9. These are the prices for Vienna: These prices are crazy. Everyone who was in Berlin can be happy.... 1 € 240,00 012 2 € 240,00 0123456789 3 € 195,00 0123456789 4 € 140,00 0123456789 5 € 90,00 0123456789 6 € 59,00 ausverkauft 7 € 35,00 0123456789 8 € 8,00 ausverkauft
  10. Thats ridiculous to say the VP were more inspired and had more ambition than the BP. This is the exclusive opinion from Lord Montague. Allmost all critics see it completely different...
  11. @Lord Montague: Thats your Opinion. But many see that not so. The BP is the more American Orchestra like Vienna. And thats not bad for Williams Music. And what did John Williams say in Berlin ? He said the BP is maybe the best Orchestra in the World And there are other Soloists except Wenzel Fuchs. Here are the others for you: 1. Violin: Noah Bendix-Balgley, 2. Violin: Marlene Ito, Viola: Amihai Grosz, Cello: Bruno Delepelaire and Olaf Maninger, Doublebass: Janne Saksala, Trumpet: Guillaume Jehl, Trombone: Olaf Ott. Tuba: Alexander von Puttkamer, Pauke: Wieland Welzel, Drums: Raphael Haeger and Franz Schindlbeck were also all on Board. Only Flute, Oboe and Bassoon were not occupied with Soloists. I cannot imagine that it was any different in Vienna. There were no Honeck, no Steude and no Danailova. Thats not good...The other Soloists from Vienna i don´t know....But i think there were also missing a lot others...
  12. In Vienna it was the same as in Berlin. Both Orchestras are filled with some Academy Members. It was not only in Berlin. Has everybody see Rainer Honeck in Vienna 2020 ? On the the other way, many say, the BP is much more suitable for the Williams music because it is the better symphony orchestra. Vienna is better when it comes to play Operas etc. or play with Singers. And then there is again ASM. I did not like Violin Concertos. And the "sound the bells" is terrible. So the new program in Vienna is by far not so good as in berlin. My opinion... And ticket prices want be much higher as in berlin, because of ASM. For such a event ASM gets big money and the VP ist not like the BP a foundation. Thats more like a private Club.
  13. Maybe. But time have long changed. We are not in the Karajan etc. era. But has probably not really arrived here yet.
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