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  1. Maybe. But time have long changed. We are not in the Karajan etc. era. But has probably not really arrived here yet.
  2. It sounds like all that want not play JW are snobbery. Thats complete bullshit. Sorry..
  3. Steve, yes maybe for Sarah Willis But then she will definitely have an answer why the top soloists are missing
  4. @May the Force be with You: Or its the other way. The BP think the JW Music is so easy to play that they can give their top Stars a rest. So they can Install young academy members and loanies from other orchestras.
  5. Oh i think the BP Stars habe no desire to JW. They play only for Petrenko, Blomstedt, Muti, Gergiev etc. Or in other words for the real Superstar Conductors
  6. Steve, I hope you know that studio recordings und live performances are a different thing. And a live performance on CD or LP is also a different thing to a real live performance. They press never the real live performance on CD or LP. They always operate the tone control... But for the concert we were lucky people. Now the US Government has made a travel warning for germany. So i think JW would not travel to germany at this time. That was a good planing by the BP
  7. I was not in Vienna. So i can not say who plays for them. I have another opinion. I have heard a difference in sound. When they play classical music, it sounds different to the JW concert. It has much more perfection and a warmer sound.
  8. A lot of live orchestras. OK. But it seems nobody has heard the BP in the original Formation. But all claim the BP can not sound better although they were never heard. That is nonsense. They speak about things they did not know. Between top class and world class is a small way. But it is a difference.
  9. Ohh the player for which the BP is so famous are snobs. Aha...You can also tell yourself a lot. The fact is, the BP sound much better with their star players as with academy members und members from others orchestras.... I think here write people who have never heard the BP in their best Formation.
  10. Come on, thats your opinion. Have you ever heard the original BP Flute section ?
  11. Remco, yes you have understand. The quality of the BP is much more better with their star players. What do you think why they are their star players ? Because they are better than other players or not ? The BP is word famous because of exactly these players. And not because of their young academy players or players from other orchestras...
  12. Fact is, that the woodwind section at the JW concert in Berlin has nothing to do with the original BP. You can twist und turn it as you want. I have seen many classic orchestra. But that a orchestra has changed a whole section with players from other orchestras and Academy players i have never seen....
  13. I have read, that this is a long problem of the BP. When you conduct your first concert with them, they play never in their best Formation. Then it does no matter whether it is JW or someone else. That is like a Ritual of the BP. But maybe someone can ask Sarah Willis why they did not play in their best Formation. Maybe she has another answer...
  14. Yes, you have understand. I agree to 100% No Mayer, Wollenweber, Dohr, Ottensamer, Pahaud, Kashimoto, Kelly, Gössling, Hartmann, Dufour and others is not the BP as we know it. It is a BP B-Orchestra. Thats fact. Because these are the Stars of that orchestra.
  15. It should be only an example. When i go to the BP then i want see the BP and not the BP Academy or players from other orchestras. No matter if they are excellent or bad. Otherwise i can go to any orchestra. Thats is the Message from me. And it is not the same when JW conduct the BP, LSO, VP, BSO and so on. At least for me...
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