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  1. It’s quite a strange case - not many of them really develop or return at all. Mostly the creature themes are single thematic instances, so I’ve included them but they don’t quite fit the Wagnerian definition.
  2. I did struggle with breaking it down, as yeah the Crimes of Grindelwald theme is all one thing but the motifs are all dispersed throughout it so I thought it’d make more sense to split it up as opposed to notating the entire piece in order to show all the motifs in context! I know exactly what you mean. JNH has said in the past that there’s two themes for Newt, a more bumbling, warm theme which I put as his main theme - that chugging motif and then the ‘Newt as a Hero’ theme I believe he called it, which was labelled as the Heroic Theme in a recent Instagram post of his where he showed his own catalogue. I think I labelled them correctly!! 🤞 and the Case Theme matches up with when the case is shown I think, but I agree completely - I feel like there’s so many nuggets in there that he could really afford to let expand more but sadly doesn’t. He did also mention that the Crimes of Grindelwald score was opposed of about 90% new material, so I think a lot of the brighter and comedic themes from the first film were abandoned like Jacob’s Theme and the Bouncy Theme and the Case and Newt’s etc…
  3. What @Chen G. said - I wasn’t the most economical when compiling it all! I’m sure it could be condensed a little, for example I split a lot of them up into their recognisable constituents like in Leta’s Theme and the main Fantastic Beasts Theme. Also, I wanted a resource that acted as more of a musical guidebook to the films, that fans of the series could use when watching them to understand leitmotifs and pick out parts in the score where they appear to try and figure out the plot etc, rather than a musically academic and sophisticated breakdown of everything, hence why I’ve taken some liberty with the term motif and it’s not quite applied correctly in all instances of the word!! Also why the analysis of the cues isn’t very musically developed and they’re worded more descriptively than analytically. But thank you all for your kind words and interest! 🙏😊 But you’re right - even when watching the films, I never quite appreciated the sheer number of them. I probably could’ve sung you 3 or 4 of the main ones, but when I started doing this, it was a real eye opener as to how much material there is for the series. He really does deserve more credit - he cites them as being amongst his favourites of his scores.
  4. I'm not sure if this thread is still active anymore, but for anyone who's active and still interested in James Newton Howard's scores for the Fantastic Beasts series, I started a site analysing the scores, hopefully as a more definitive catalogue of all the themes, as well as cue analyses and a quote section! Fantastic Scores and Where to Find Them
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