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  1. In the Train to Frankfurt Airport. Looking forward to Vienna and the concert tomorrow!
  2. Thanks for the initiative, but my wife and I attend the Sunday concert and have other plans for Saturday evening. Have a nice meet!
  3. Hm, on my ticket I read „Cercle Rechts, Reihe I, Platz 2“. So I guess, the first rows are not reserved.
  4. Thank you, I just came around to listening to this. A very nice alternative to the existing End Credits. While the latter try to bind the whole Saga together, yours concentrates more on this movie, which is legitimate. I like especially the inclusion of more of the concert version of Anthem of evil and the very ending with its overlapping main themes. To this I have a question: How did you achieve this effect? Where e.g. did you get the Main Theme in the bass tuba at the ends to mix into it?
  5. OK , I think I solved it. Somehow those mp3s did not work well with the iPad (in contrast to all the other mp3s I have on it...), since converting the mp3 to aac and reimporting into iTunes resulted in flawless playback after reimporting on the iPad. Just mentioned this, in case somebody else has this problem. And concerning the topic: I agree with those who think that the FYC is inexplicable short and selective, and that Jays proposed playlist combining the OST and FYC works extremely well. Also, I think if you take the sequel trilogy as one massive soundtrack work, it is really a masterpiece and astounding for a composer of this age.
  6. Hi, I have a technical question: Jay was so nice to provide me with the FYC tracks, and they play ok after import in iTunes (I am on MacOS Mojave). But when I transfer them to my iPad, each track cuts short and stops about 10 seconds before the end. Has anybody an idea what might be the reason and how to prevent this? It is the only album I have this problem with! Any help is appreciated
  7. I was also only waiting list and got 2 tickets last week, was very surprised. So do not give up hope.
  8. So, I got a surprise today in the mail. After missing out on the initial ticket sale, and not having been totally sure if I wanted to go there really at all (too much work, long trip, expenses, getting old etc), I put myself on the waiting list under rather strict conditions concerning price and place, not expecting to get a result, but what the hell. And today I got 2 tickets for 59 Euro each for Sunday, first row (circle), at the extreme right end (1+2). And I am undecided. Should I really now buy flights and lodging? Or should I try to sell them? Would anybody be interested in those seats? Are they any good to watch Williams at work (acoustics not so important)? Decisions...
  9. In the middle of this conversation I believe J.J. answers „Doesn’t matter“ to something JW says to him before. Thats all I can make out. I think he just doesn’t like having the earphones on. He seems much more relaxed when he is conducting freely. And I agree to the assessment of the score, as I now just came around to listen to the FYC. We will never get another Imperial March or HEdwigs Theme from hem, but the motivic intricacies I heard are stunning.
  10. After living with my B&W CDM 7NT plus CDM center, and older B&W Matrix 1 as surround speakers for many years I finally bought a new set of loudspeakers this spring after extensive searching and listening. After owning them now for more than 8 months, I can say: My 25 year long quest for an authentic reproduction of live musicians in my living room has come to an end. I bought a set of Ohm Walsh speakers and am more than happy: 2x2000 for the mains, 1 Microwalsh Center and 2 Microwalsh Surrounds. These speakers do need a lot of burn-in time (I could directly compare new versus older speakers of the identical model, the latter sounded much better!), but then they really do the trick of vanishing and projecting a realistic aural picture of the recording venue. In comparison conventional speakers like my B&W, while good speakers with precise imaging, give only a pale, rather 2-dimensional imitation. With the Ohm you really believe to "see" the instruments in the recording room. I cannot recommend them enough!
  11. It is a tragedy that this music will perhaps never be released!
  12. Since Adidas is a German enterprise I would suggest the German pronunciation which is the 2nd option in the poll. fun fact: The name derives from the founder Adolf (short: Adi) Dassler
  13. All is fine except for the overuse of the force theme ("just use less force theme" was not a poll option)
  14. Did you compose a new main title for Episode I and was it recorded? Why don´t you write a piano concerto? What do you feel is you first important/mature score?
  15. What are you talking about? What corner do you mean? I am quite sure that the main story, including the horcruxes, was planned. Book 2 already used one of them, the diary. not called horcrux there, but already depicted as a strangely powerful magical object without definite explanation. Of course in theory it could have been retconned, but I do not believe that without clear evidence.
  16. I have the Herrmann SACD, and it is brilliant! A great selection from various soundtracks, the playing is excellent and the sound as if it were a recent recording. Especially impressive is the multichannel sound with special instruments in the surround, e.g harps in 7 mile reef and drums in white witch doctor. The Rosza is next on my list.
  17. So Williams quickly stitched together some themes for this solo medley the night before? Nice!
  18. I enjoy the podcast still very much; it gives me a new appreciation, how John Williams found and developed his mature sound between Heidi in 1968 and Poseidon Adventure in 1972.
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