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  1. R.I.P. to one of the greats. I loved his music.
  2. Williams actually appears four times in the documentary, not just once. The second time Williams says this: "The academy after many years felt that he should have an Oscar for all of his lifetime work. So they presented him an Oscar, which was wonderful". And shortly after Williams says this: "And I think the assumption was that at that age, he had probably finished his career. But big surprise, he went on and continued to work". Finally, Williams reflects on Morricone's legacy and says this: "200 years from now people can talk about Ennio. I would rather say that Ennio is a great composer and a great man because he belongs to the period that he lives in now". I think it is a pretty good quick overview of his career, even if I would have loved to hear something about Marco Polo and The Secret of the Sahara - two favorite scores of mine that weren't even mentioned.
  3. I am watching it at the moment, it is good, I have about an hour of it left before I have seen the entire thing. John Williams: "Very few composers have what Ennio Morricone has, which is an instinct for what is going to be appropriate in a scene, and yet at the same time when you hear his music you know it is Ennio". If I had to guess, this is the only time that Williams says something in the entire documentary, but we will see.
  4. Thomas Newman's first ballet Of Mice and Men will premiere next month on April 27 and will run until May 8: "Thomas Newman is one of the most potent and evocative voices in Hollywood music, his versatility is at the top of his class - and incredibly, this is his first-ever score for ballet," said Speck. "He has a remarkable way of evoking the wide-open spaces, dusty air and countrified feel of Central California nearly a century ago. Newman's rhythmic drive takes the form of instruments that you might have heard playing in a saloon band in that time and place - a piano, a guitar, maybe a solo violin. But just as often, we hear the full orchestra in all its glory. Kudos to Cathy Marston for suggesting him as our composer, and to The Joffrey Ballet for making it happen!" https://joffrey.org/season-and-tickets/2021-2022-season/of-mice-and-men-and-serenade/
  5. Thomas Newman easily. He is far more innovative and a much more interesting composer than James Newton Howard.
  6. Where does it say that Williams was amazed that a popular, early 90s score was written in 3 weeks? It would be nice to have context.
  7. Most of my favorite film composers are too idiosyncratic for having their stuff ghostwritten.
  8. Thomas Newman said that Indiana Jones is maybe his favorite Williams score. Newman also talked about a score moment in Jaws that influenced and stayed with him: "I do remember in Jaws, there was a scene where Roy Scheider is kind of having a little moment at a breakfast table with his kid and they are kind of mimicking each other - and I remember this kind of lydian, little phrase, it was just this lift, it didn't do much, but it just lifted the space into this kind childlike wonder. I remember really liking that as a young man starting out, what that had done was not trying very hard to do much, but accomplishing so much at the same time, and that was a small, but really valuable lesson to me." Haha, Newman has really a thing for film music that is "not working too hard" (to use his saying) xD
  9. Zimmer, who wrote the music for “Dune,” said he is “the greatest composer America has had, end of story.” Danny Elfman, another film composer, called him “the godfather, the master.” Dudamel drew comparisons to Beethoven.
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