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  1. Finally a Kamen release!! Loved hearing the Sax concerto in that main title.
  2. Love this cue… perfect for the scene. Cool jam session with NY players…
  3. After listening to the isolated score I can’t believe they did not put the Battle of Syracuse film version on the soundtrack. Man what an amazing cue… probably one of my top ten Favorite Williams cues. Also the “Prologue” film version action cues could have really made for a powerhouse action opening to the soundtrack too instead of the slower cue they opted to go with. And it had nothing to do with the scene. Smh.
  4. My big question of this new set would be if that big sword fight cue towards the end of the Ultimate Way is still abruptly cut in half into separate cues like it was on the previous Lala set. Hope not.
  5. Post thanksgiving dinner with family anxiously watching my watch ticking down. The gin tonic helps.
  6. Can’t wait to hopefully order License to Kill and Born July tonight!
  7. Hoping for Witches, Born or Catch me for the Williams release!
  8. Surprised there isn’t more chatter about this finale. Thought it was great… loved the show despite not really knowing 50% of what was going on lol. Great effects and acting. Music was top notch… was hoping the 2nd vol dropped but have to wait another week. Good stuff Marvel.
  9. Would love to see more music from this show released.
  10. Anyone get the extended edition? How are the extra cues… do they add anything or more just the same?
  11. So I’ll have to set an alarm to wake up from my thanksgiving food coma at midnight credit card in hand. Bring ‘em on!
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