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  1. I think I'm right but just want to double check. If I have the 4 disc Great Movie Themes and the 80th Tribute to sets, along with the boxset then I have everything from Sony. There is nothing on the 3 disc Music of America that isn't already on the Great Movie Soundtracks set. From the titles it would appear to be just duplicats but just wanted to make sure there were no unique versions or anything.
  2. So does track 57 just require the first part of track 46 to make it complete? Have they just put the alternate segment in rather than the full track ?
  3. And arrived. Looks lovely. discs are in thicker card sleeves which have spines with the titles on. Covers are a bit of a mixed bag whether they use the Philips bar at the top or not - could really do with a nice set of matching covers for this (hint hint cover designers). Currently ripping disc 2: Pops in Space Will start listening later tonight.
  4. Ditto. Hopefully will arrive tomorrow and then a weekend of ripping and listening
  5. I've also been considering about getting a second copy. a) as a backup b) to get the fixed Azkaban tracks If it comes back into stock around the same time as Schindler's I may also get another copy of that - also for the fixed tracks.
  6. Now listed with a price on Amazon.co.uk - £117 !! Having a laugh at that price so have ordered it from Amazon.it for around £60. Can always cancel if co.uk drops the price.
  7. Quartet's final releases of 2021 coming Dec 8th "Our last batch of the year, which includes 4 releases (one of them a 3-CD set) will be announced on December 8. All titles will be ready for order and immediate shipment on that day. Stay tuned!"
  8. Looking forward to seeing the tracklist and of course ordering it along with Toy Soldiers. Does this just leave Quartet to announce their final releases now ?
  9. Just finished listening to this release and I'd say it does sound slightly better than the Kritzerland. However after initially listening to the sound quality to see if I thought it was better, I quickly ended up just getting carried away by the wonderful music. Great release and the artwork looks great in person - a version of the Kritzerland cover is on the back of the booklet. Great notes as well. Thanks LLL
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