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  1. My dad is the grey jumper in the front row bottom right hand corner. It was a life long dream come true for him that he never thought would happen and I’m just so grateful it finally managed to. ____________ Milan Vienna DC I can’t believe I’ve managed to take these photos. What an amazing year seeing these performances by the greatest of all time.
  2. I was really gutted there wasn’t any of those paper mini posters left. Really wanted one. The theatre should have just printed hundreds really it wouldn’t have cost them that much.
  3. One of my shots from last night, more to follow once I can go through them.
  4. If anyone has a single ticket in the platea I’ll take it. Just message me I’m here at the scala.
  5. Ok. One ticket available for best offer: PLATEA SX Fila Q Posto 14 DM me to arrange.
  6. Just out of curiosity, how much would someone bid for a seat around the middle of Row A? Are there any 1000 euro fans out there?
  7. I’ve just been to the orchestra box office on piazza 6. They seem a little overwhelmed and annoyed by people looking for tickets. They say contacting viva ticket for tickets is the only way, but contacting viva ticket they say it’s just sold out and they don’t have any information on reselling or returning tickets. Very bizarre organisation. At Vienna there was a simple box office you could speak to and buy tickets immediately.
  8. Does anyone have any John Williams themed recommendations of anything to do over the weekend? Are any of the special Williams/Spielberg film screening venues worth going to? Anything else on that I may not know about?
  9. Not long to go now. It's bizarre there isn't any sign of the box office making returns or resales available. Has anyone been to the box office in person?
  10. I noticed that you have posted four times, once for each of the major John Williams concerts and each time about two tickets available for which you couldn't attend. Is there a reason you couldn't make it to each of these concerts? Just to check you're not attempting to scam any fans...
  11. Hello all, just wanted to drop in some info about my tickets. I have two tickets for Row Q stalls around the middle of the row. I'm looking to get one ticket as close to the front as possible. If I can find one, I'll be selling both Row Q tickets. If I can't find one close to the front, I'll be selling one Row Q ticket.
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