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  1. I was lucky enough to get a poster (I mean my girlfriend did, I didn't even think of that lol), we just asked one of the ladies guiding us to the seats. I agree the brass section wasn't the best in the world, I personally think they weren't bad, maybe there should just be more of them for Williams music? That being said, it was an amazing experience. Strange thing is there was nobody besides me and my gf in the first floor balony... I guess some of the Best seats besides the main floor, why would anyone miss it? There were two empty seats.
  2. I'm in Milan already, let me know if anybody wants to get rid of their Rehearsal ticket - might also go there, just didn't know it is open for audience until today 😅
  3. I wish I could, but Vienna is too far away from me... Maybe Berlin or London some day in the future - I'll be the first one waiting in line for the tickets!
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