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  1. I think Lion King is probably one of the few examples where Zimmer's music DOES work for the film (and isn't really trying to be "epic").
  2. As did Hans Zimmer (I mean, you can't deny tracks like "This Land" are epic, can you?). Or do you not like the score, and only like the songs?
  3. Which Zimmer scores do you like? I know Lion King is one of them.
  4. I was talking about the score for The Lion King, not the songs. If you look at the album cover for the Lion King, it literally say "score composed by Hans Zimmer".
  5. Yep. I can name two examples: "The Lion King" and "Pirates of the Carribean"
  6. I think he only used the chorus in a few tracks in JW:FK (those being "Go with the Pyroclastic Flow", "Thus Begins the Indo-Rapture", "Worlds Worst Bedtime Storyteller" and "Declaration of Indo-Pendance") and once in JW ("Our Rex is Bigger than Yours"). And I think they work quite well with their respective scenes. Hanz? Hans Zimmer? I think he made a few good scores, didn't he? Guessing this is meant to be sarcasm?
  7. Or maybe they collaborate together on coming up with punny titles?
  8. No, I do not know what you're talking about. Besides, I think we can all be a witty, can't we?
  9. By "wit" I'm guessing you're referring to his punny track titles? If they did, I wonder if it will have any differences to the already leaked recording sessions?
  10. It is the main theme on piano. And that's one of the reasons I'm happy the recording sessions for the previous two films leaked.
  11. Tbh, I am kinda surprised we haven't gotten an official release of the Jurassic World complete score, yet.
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