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  1. Thank you very much for the advice! Much appreciated.
  2. I'm trying/dying to find tickets for royal albert hall return of the jedi, but all they have now are the £251.00 hospitality seats and can't afford it 😪 All the tout/reseller websites are scams right? https://www.viagogo.co.uk/Theatre-Tickets/Classical/Star-Wars-in-Concert-Tickets/E-4108331 https://www.hoorahtickets.com/events-tickets-starwars-royal-albert-hall-24oct Thanks in advance.
  3. It certainly is, track one from the OST of FUII
  4. Kenobi Scene rescored with... SPOILERS for Episode 4 of the show! Kenobi_Imperial_March.mp4
  5. Kenobi VS Vader ‘Music’ 3.52-4.16 https://youtu.be/7Bsa4Nq1TuI?t=232 Was this the temp track? 7.24- to end. https://youtu.be/4FgHkfi-9Cs?t=444
  6. there's more than one ROTS soundtrack cover? can you show which one you mean please?
  7. My hopes are being raised! STOP IT! My heart can't take it! 😥 *heavy breathing*
  8. I'd obviously love those to be Star Wars or Indy, but I can't imagine he'd even be allowed to say if it was.
  9. 'This is No Cave - The Empire Strikes Back by John Williams' Created using Cubase 7.5 East West: Hollywood Brass Diamond - Trumpets, Horns & Tuba East West: Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Diamond - All Woodwind East West: Hollywood Strings Diamond - All Strings East West: Hollywood Harp Diamond - Harps East West: Hollywood Orchestral Percussion - Everything except Timpani Spitfire Audio: Hans Zimmer Percussion Professional - Timpani Spitfire Audio: Studio Brass Professional - Trombones Audio Plugins are all Universal Audio using the UAD2 Platform
  10. Apologies for the misgendering. Yeah mixing and recording teams aren't genre specific, but I mentioned it because it's all i've/we've got to go off at the moment. Imagine we were just patient and waited? 🤣
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