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  1. I've never heard the Berlin Philharmonic play The Imperial March, so I was very excited when I heard the first few notes... but then... It's just awful. Trying to push Williams' music into a space it really doesn't belong. It's that bad I can't believe the Berlin Philharmonic did that.
  2. I think it would be better for the releases if they were separate so hopefully no corners are cut, that being said the Potter Lalaland set was brilliant.
  3. I've tried to recreate the early mix of the Vienna Imperial March. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dHEjiEb1CrBNxZHEKl_AwVXOT8kno325/view?usp=sharing
  4. I guess it's nice to hear a different interpretation of it, but is a little dull how slowly it's played.
  5. Ah yes they are the same recording, I was blind sighted by the different shots/cuts of the footage. The mix is definitely different though. That performance also annoyingly has the snare drum being a bar late during the build back up to the repeat of the A section. I know they never would but I'd love to have the stems for the various microphones and do a more audience perspective mix as I find the percussion on the album mix far too forward, too bright and aggressive. Ah yes i've been trying to find those video uploads but they have been removed now Thank
  6. This version/recording of The Imperial March... I think the mix and performance are better than the one they released on the album... I'm guessing the first one is the other performance that wasn't chosen for the album. Has the first video (Imperial March performance) been broadcast or released anywhere?
  7. I actually avoid listening to Return of the Jedi Special Edition, I can't bare the quality, it's awful. I just listen to the Anthology and the OST. Why am I saying this about the most beloved scores of all time!? 😡 arggghhh!
  8. "The analogue material does not last forever and the longer you let this analogue material sit in the vault, the more likely it is to not play" - Shawn Murphy
  9. I'm starting to think it's never going to happen and it's quite depressing how much I want it to happen. I actually want expanded/complete Williams' Star Wars Scores more than anything else... seriously.
  10. I know why people don't like Phantom Menace UE, but why all the dislike for Hook LLL? Because it's not complete? presentation? quality?
  11. Agreed. The Trumpets are quite thin, the trombones are leaving a lot more to be desired. Also really heavy compression on the far/room mics, i think they are trying to make up for a lacking performance. Doesn't even come close to the LSO performances.
  12. Oh interesting! Thank you for the clarification. I remember someone on here almost 15 years ago now saying something like Expanded/Complete releases never sound as good as the OST's. However I remember the Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings Releases where the first time i'd thought "Wow this sounds superior to the OST's". The Phantom Menace Ultimate Edition being the prime example.
  13. I'm assuming the LaLaLand release doesn't suffice? I've got the set, I'm not being sarcastic, i'm just wondering why it's not "definitive". Thanks.
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