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  1. The only thing that spoiled ESB at RAH was the same thing that spoiled ANH at RAH and the LSO John Williams (Dirk Brosse) at RAH... The snare sounded out of time because it seems to be ricochet-ing off the back wall or the organ, but the reverberation is a lot louder (depending where you are sat) than the initial sound coming from the stage. It really spoiled The Imperial March.
  2. If you mean these; https://www.hdtracks.com/#/album/5dd65d30848038447729ba11 (Star Wars) https://www.hdtracks.com/#/album/5dd65ced848038447729b9bf (Empire) They are the Sony 2016 releases and not the Disney 2018 releases. Listened to the Main Title on SW and Imperial March on Empire and I can confirm they aren't the Disney versions.
  3. Why is the Imperial March so sharp? It's like a quater tone up from G. I know sometimes Horns pitch themselves up a few cents so they stick out of the mix more, maybe this is what i'm hearing?
  4. They've added times next to the concert listings and also they've added Leia's Theme (sorry if that's already been mentioned). Maybe Wlliams/Digital Concert Hall is choosing the 'best' recording of each piece from the three concerts? https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concert/53783
  5. Berlin was better for me, felt more natural all round.
  6. I can see on the stands there! 😍😱❤️ So encores are 😍
  7. It was still a very special night, i was wiping away tears regularly. The Snare sounded out of time though, it happened during the A New Hope and Empire Live to Pictures in there. I don't think the actual player was out of time, I think the reverberation was richocheting off something and causing it to sound out of time. It's why I wished it was in the Barbican.
  8. I'm so happy for all of you that are going, but very dissapointed I won't be joining you. I was at the Albert Hall in 2018 (I don't think I've ever been that dissapointed before), was really hoping to make it to Berlin. However eternally greatful for the digital concert hall on Saturday, very excited for that. I pray John encores The Imperial March, please Mr.Williams! 🙏🏻
  9. It will be the same as the vienna one, it's the only cue on the hal leonard john williams signature edition. This photo confirms it.
  10. It will be the same version from Hal Leonard Suite, the one he conducted at Vienna.
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