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  1. Thank you for sharing this Trent! It does sound way better yes, congratulations. But it in someways exemplifies the problems that were there before, which cannot be removed using post production on a mastered stereo track. There is no denying yours is better though. Ridiculous that fans can make something better using post production effects. I was listening to the Harry Potter John Williams Collection this morning, dreaming that we were going to get an equivalent Star Wars set... "I've held out hope for so long."
  2. I've listened to Jedi on Headphones, Loudspeakers, Desktop Speakers, Car Speakers, Studio Monitors... It sounds bad on all of them.
  3. Talking about the state of the Star Wars soundtracks is so depressing, but sadly it's something I think about a lot and it gets worse with every release. Help us Mike Matessino, you're our only hope. also ROTJ SE is awful, it's horrible to listen to.
  4. Christ that imperial march is stunning! Gutted I couldn't go to this.
  5. 1. The Empire Strikes Back - Best transitions of all the themes presented, the closest we've had to a Han and Leia concert arrangement for years (until now). The Imperial March statement still knocks me off my feet. 2. A New Hope - That force theme fanfare always hits my nostalgia button, great arrangement and the best transition from the film to the credits. 3. Return of the Jedi - My favourite blast of the main theme is in this version, LSO nailed it. 4. The Force Awakens - Great collection of all the themes, good performance all round, love Jedi Steps. 5. Attack of the Clones - I like the build up to the actual credits and the blending of Across the Stars with Anakin's Theme, however it's boring that it's just the concert version of Across the Stars, disappointing. 6. The Last Jedi - A few new ideas in the credits but overall disappointing and doesn't sound as cohesive as the others. 7. The Rise of Skywalker - The collection of themes is good, but not as strong as others. Love the new recording of the Imperial March, but very disappointed in the Rey material, just a lift from Rey's Theme. 8. The Phantom Menace & Revenge of the Sith - Both are disappointing, just the same material that is in the OST's. Great performances from the LSO doing the A New Hope material but overall material selection was boring and predictable.
  6. I'm going to see the film tomorrow night. Maybe this is my first Star Wars without hearing the OST first. Apart from Rogue One, but that doesn't count does it?
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