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  1. I know why people don't like Phantom Menace UE, but why all the dislike for Hook LLL? Because it's not complete? presentation? quality?
  2. Agreed. The Trumpets are quite thin, the trombones are leaving a lot more to be desired. Also really heavy compression on the far/room mics, i think they are trying to make up for a lacking performance. Doesn't even come close to the LSO performances.
  3. Oh interesting! Thank you for the clarification. I remember someone on here almost 15 years ago now saying something like Expanded/Complete releases never sound as good as the OST's. However I remember the Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings Releases where the first time i'd thought "Wow this sounds superior to the OST's". The Phantom Menace Ultimate Edition being the prime example.
  4. I'm assuming the LaLaLand release doesn't suffice? I've got the set, I'm not being sarcastic, i'm just wondering why it's not "definitive". Thanks.
  5. The Imperial Fleet (Imperial March Film Version)
  6. YES!!!! I was hoping there was something like the Musical Journey that came with the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack, but with all the major themes across the 9 films. Ah the dreams!
  7. I cried (seriously) when I heard it, felt so fresh and was fantastic to hear a modern studio recording with Williams conducting. It completely caught me off guard, wasn't expecting it at all.
  8. Don Williams is really smashing those timps in this version of The Imperial March, I think you lose quiet a bit of the harmonic context coming from the strings on the ostinato when the percussion is too loud in the various recordings of the piece (including the TROS one).
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