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  1. Farewell and the Trip - Re-recording https://www.silvamasters.com/#/track/ODU2MzAzOC01ZjIyNGE/
  2. I am not a religious man but I am praying they do this concert series live in the UK
  3. Anyone know if the Force Awakens Sheet Music as leaked? Other than the Signature Edition?
  4. Silva have two Force Awakens Recordings on their website. Farewell and The Trip and March of the Resistance.
  5. I think Shore personally pushed for the LOTR CR's to be released, maybe he's not happy with the Hobbit Trilogy and isn't pushing for them to be released.
  6. Are there new expanded/complete Williams Releases coming soon?
  7. I am taking all of this as "Expanded SW scores will eventually turn up" as well, very happy. Little disappointed we have to wait, but I'd rather it was done properly like he said.
  8. I know I have that recording on CD, It's awful. Doesn't even sound like the LSO and I said Williams and The LSO.
  9. Well I picked 'Yes, in Episode VIII: The Last Jedi' because the 2nd chapter in the trilogy is where characters are usually more exposed, challenged. If we look at the score for the Force Awakens it felt like A New Hope (jokes about the similar plot aside), I can see The Last Jedi score following the Empire model, hearing the similar themes again but in a much different context. If you compare the statements of the Force Theme in A New Hope to Empire (Binary Sunset vs Rescue from Cloud City), you'll hear what I mean. I hope the First Order get a fully formed Theme in the next one like Williams did with The Empire in Empire Strikes Back. I'm hoping the film is more of a challenge to score for Williams and it pushes him a little outside of the normal Star Wars model. I don't mean drastically, along the lines of Rey's Theme, it felt fresh to Star Wars, especially the Celeste/Mallet opening.
  10. Attack of the Clones is very close for me but Empire tops it quite easily with the Force Theme, Han and Leia's, Yoda's and The Awesome version of The Imperial March.
  11. Imagine he did something like the Lord of the Rings Symphony in 6 Movements!
  12. I only ever dig the disc out for Han and Leia's Theme, the Brass on The Imperial March and Main Title are awful. It is credited as the LSO on the Linear notes on the Disc, but It really doesn't sound like the LSO. Terrible recording.
  13. There is a concert version of Han Solo and The Princess by the London Symphony Orchestra.
  14. Yeah your right, the Empire Choral section is less than 3-4 bars.
  15. Doesn't Empire have choir on the approach to cloud city?
  16. Agreed. If I had to sacrifice Indy and Potter to guarantee I get Star Wars, I'd do it.
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