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  1. Imagine he did something like the Lord of the Rings Symphony in 6 Movements!
  2. I only ever dig the disc out for Han and Leia's Theme, the Brass on The Imperial March and Main Title are awful. It is credited as the LSO on the Linear notes on the Disc, but It really doesn't sound like the LSO. Terrible recording.
  3. There is a concert version of Han Solo and The Princess by the London Symphony Orchestra.
  4. Yeah your right, the Empire Choral section is less than 3-4 bars.
  5. Doesn't Empire have choir on the approach to cloud city?
  6. Agreed. If I had to sacrifice Indy and Potter to guarantee I get Star Wars, I'd do it.
  7. This sounds very expensive! The only Mic dropping in John Williams scores that I can think of is Star Wars, Indy or Potter.
  8. I used to spend hours/days on creating an Episode 3 Ultimate/Expanded/Complete Edition, but eventually just got tired of hearing sound effects in it and vowed to wait until the official releases arrive. That was 9 years ago...
  9. I'm going to be very controversial and vote Star Wars.
  10. This is a tough one because I love the unreleased Prisoner of Azkaban Score, however I have to go with the Star Wars Prequels. Judging how much is in the movie and the alternates we've heard in the video games etc. I can't see it fitting onto 2 CD's. I just hope all the material is still available. From what I've heard studios just don't take care of the material, scores, recordings etc.
  11. The original title for Star Wars was The Journal of the Whills. I believe Yoda was/is a Whill.
  12. The strings are more Marcato in the film version, the piatti's are a lot louder in the film version, you can't turn them down in mixing, they are too loud. It's one of the main reasons I know its a different recording. You play any version on top of the film version and it doesn't sync up.
  13. The anthology version is the closest we have, but it really is the same as the LP version but with a lot more reverb and a little more compression and EQ. It's essentially the same mix. The special edition mix is awful! It's not, but I really really wish it was.
  14. It will just be called Darth Vader's Theme or The Imperial March or The Imperial Fleet. It was tracked from The Imperial March, but the one they used from the film is a different take/recording. 2M4 The Probe Scanner?
  15. At 16:11 that's the music on its own without the sound effects. You can hear its a different take to the original. Film Version -
  16. Musically yes its the same as the concert version, but it sounds a lot different in the film. I'm not having it that its a different mix, its a different take entirely.
  17. The Empire Strikes Back does have The Imperial March (The Imperial Fleet Scene) but the one on the CD (any release) doesn't sound much like the version used in the film. I'm hoping this is in a future release at some point. As well as the film version of the Finale/Credits.
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