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  1. I thought we would have heard about this expanded 2 disc release by now. Maybe they are coinciding it with the marketing build up for Rouge One.
  2. Is this available anywhere now? Like BBC iPlayer in the UK?
  3. I don't think I can be streamed outside of the US? I'd love a physical version but I doubt they do this.
  4. Joking aside, it's likely we will be getting an expanded version of the music for TFA released. I predict that JJ Abrams has pushed for it (considering his tweet about the extra music last year).
  5. I'm going to miss this too! Is it usually on demand later on like BBC Radio?
  6. I love what Mark Griskey did on the Force Unleashed series. But Gordy Habb is fantastic at writing Star Wars Music.
  7. Wow. Thanks for clearing that up, I had no idea. So The First Order really has no Theme!
  8. Ripping as I type The documentary is indeed in 5.1 so was able to remove some dialogue. There's some volume automation that I can't compensate well for at the minute though. Darth Vader's Theme (Alternate) First Order Theme (Unreleased?) Spoiler in this unreleased Cue
  9. In the film it sounds new to me and the version in this documentary is also new.
  10. There's some great unreleased music in the 'Secrets of the Force Awakens'. What I think is the original cue of the "Imperial March" cue (where we see Vader's Helmet) has lots more low aggressive french horns in it than the film version. Also a great "Force Theme" rendition at the end of the documentary. Hopefully we get an expanded release this year with all this extra music!
  11. This is the first Williams full orchestral score i've seen with Trumpets in C, they are always Bb.
  12. I've just got the signature edition score book and The Jedi Steps (Concert Version) doesn't have the Force Theme in it from first look anyway.
  13. I can't wait to hear what Jedi Steps Concert Version sounds like!
  14. That's terrible! how long have you been waiting for Lincoln? I actually had an email this morning saying TFA has been dispatched, probably going to take a long time coming from the US to the UK.
  15. I still haven't heard anything from Sheet Music Plus about my FA score.
  16. From my memory the only cues missing that I want from the OST and the FYC is The Scene with Kylo talking to Darth Vader's Helmet. Also the unreleased, unused cues
  17. My very first live orchestral experience ever was John Wilson conducting the Halle in Bridgewater Hall (2008), a full John Williams Program. Opened with the Star Wars Theme, it took my breath away! He is a fantastic conductor.
  18. The Force Awakens Double Vinyl LP is available for Pre-Order on Amazon UK now. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01BIKXGNS
  19. I can't imagine that the Force Awakens won't feature in this new version. The Font of 'In Concert' is the Force Awakens font
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