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  1. It would be better if they performed this in halls, the orchestra doesn't work too well in the arenas when I saw this in (O2 Arena London, Sheffield Arena, MEN Arena Manchester). I will say though when I saw it at the O2 they mixed it in a way that sounded like the original soundtracks, really close mic'ed Brass etc...
  2. I don't listen via iTunes. Its iPod Classic or CD in the Hi-Fi. But for CD's I can tell you which I listen to more in order; 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Phantom Menace 3. Return of the Jedi 4. A New Hope 5. Attack of the Clones 6. Revenge of the Sith 7. The Force Awakens (only because it's only just come out)
  3. Is that digitally time stretched? or a real take?
  4. This would be an amazing experience! The opening of the film with the choir would be a great cue live!
  5. They must have the film versions of everything because the soundtracks for the Blu-Rays and DVD's aren't locked with the sound effects and dialogue. I remember an article about the 2004 release of the OT and A New Hope's music was stereo flipped in the rear speakers (but the sound effects hadn't moved). They could release a version based on the film versions of the scores (which they kind of did with TPM Ultimate Edition).
  6. It does sound better but I think you need a good system to notice. On my normal PC I'd say it sounded 10% better. But on my music system it sounds 25% better than the original CD. I still don't think it tops the Anthology Empire CD though.
  7. I'm so happy that horrible click has disappeared on the first note of The Imperial March and that horrible phase issue that happened at 28 seconds in has gone too!
  8. Can't imagine Star Wars: Force Awakens winning, but I definitely think it should. I can imagine the film getting snubbed due to its financial success.
  9. Oh in that case you have nothing to lose. The Empire Strikes Back 192kHz 24bit is fantastic!
  10. I can't listen to the Vinyl's as I haven't purchased a proper player yet. I've just bought the Empire Strikes Back in 192kHz 24bit Wave Files. I'd say its a 20-30% improvement on the original Empire CD (the original single disk with the LP programme) not the Anthology. I was expecting it to just be turned up but that's not the case, i've compared them side by side and they are the same level. The high resolution one is much brighter.
  11. I've just got my Ultimate Vinyl Collection in the post, the digital download they put in the collection for you to download is 320k MP3. I'm very disappointed as it made it kind of made it out like you would get the 24bit 192kHz Digital Download. The Vinyl packaging is beautiful! I want to buy another set just to frame them! I am returning/exchanging mine back to amazon as 4 of the six soundtracks are damaged at the top. Which one do you think will be the best quality for digital download? from your descriptions is looks like hdtracks.com is the way to go.
  12. I don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet but you can hear the ending of The Imperial March (Concert Arrangement) when Kylo Ren walks down the ramp at the beginning of the Force Awakens. 4.47 - 4.52 2.50 - 2.56
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