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  1. 1. Rey's Theme - Absolutely Beautiful, Best film music I've heard in years! 2. Scherzo for X-Wings - This is kind of fan service hearing the Main Title Theme next to the Force Theme in Battle Mode is rather exquisite. 3. March of the Resistance - This Theme has really grown on me, I think seeing the film twice made me like it more. My first impressions were 'this is rather average', I think i'd been building hope (from the track title) that this was going to be the gem of the soundtrack. 4. Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle - Love Kylo Ren's motif here alongside the attack on Maz Canata's Castle. I think its a 5th to sharp 4 in the melody, which gets me every time. 5. The Scavenger - It's a toss up between this track and The Starkiller, I went for this one because I love the Rey Theme here it's beautiful.
  2. I hope Disney isn't going to look at the sales of these 3 Ultimate Soundtrack Editions that are being released and judge it on whether they should release anything in the future.
  3. I'm so happy to hear that it was a fake! I've pre-ordered the SW Ultimate Vinyl Box Set.
  4. That Gm to Ebm has to be a Darth Vader reference? 23. The Jedi Steps and Finale 0:58
  5. No. Only OT themes are: Rebel Fanfare Luke's Theme The Force Theme Leia's Theme Han and Leia's theme. That's disappointing. Thank you though!
  6. Sorry. Every time I post a link on here it never works and someone ends up posting one that works.
  7. The timings of the tracks have just appeared on google play, samples on the way!?
  8. I know, it's great that it hasn't happened for TFA yetA simple contributing factor could be that for the score to leak, people need to have the score. With the scoring sessions ending so close to the release date of the picture (less than six weeks, was it?), the physical CDs might not be back from the manufacturer yet. If distributors don't already have them, no one is getting the CD on Friday.
  9. One of my favourite cues of the Prequels and it's not on the soundtrack
  10. They are to be commended, they've done a brilliant job on keeping everything under "lock and key".
  11. I'm shocked how much footage is out there and like 25 only seconds of the score!
  12. Do you think because it's being acknowledged how much unreleased music their is, that they are already planning an expanded or complete edition?
  13. Has John Williams Orchestrated the score or was William Ross involved?
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