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  1. One of my favourite cues of the Prequels and it's not on the soundtrack
  2. They are to be commended, they've done a brilliant job on keeping everything under "lock and key".
  3. I'm shocked how much footage is out there and like 25 only seconds of the score!
  4. Do you think because it's being acknowledged how much unreleased music their is, that they are already planning an expanded or complete edition?
  5. Has John Williams Orchestrated the score or was William Ross involved?
  6. All i know is there is no extra content in any of them, they are all the same (music wise). There's the normal plastic jewelcase and the cardboard style deluxe version (which apparently has foil embossed logos).
  7. Because i'm unable to control myself I'll listen to anything and everything as quick as I can.
  8. Yeah me too. When I used to work for ASDA we used to get our new releases 3/4 days before release, meaning that ASDA's supplier must have them 7/8 days before release. So yes I imagine we should have it by next Monday/Tuesday.
  9. It is looking like we won't get any samples until the actual release date of the OST.
  10. The digital version has appeared on Amazon Digital Music store, but no track names or samples yet.
  11. Did you order it on the monday morning when it was announced on Intrada? I'm still waiting for mine. Yes, as soon as it came available. In comparison I ordered Jaws 2 the day after it was released and the package took 2 weeks to ship and about 3 weeks to arrive although the postal service strike here might have affected the delivery time. Okay thank you. I'm hoping I get mine soon then.
  12. Did you order it on the monday morning when it was announced on Intrada? I'm still waiting for mine.
  13. Kylo Ren is the ultimate Darth Vader fanboy. I bet he has a child-like essence. Impossible that he is Luke even at this level, in my opinion. Subtle.
  14. You can see Adam Driver's hair coming out of the back of the helmet, its not Mark Hamill.
  15. Sounds a little bit like the music i wrote last year. 2.11 mins https://youtu.be/ceu8RPe9Ynk?t=2m10s
  16. The almighty Disney will seize them and starts producing us the complete scores with Mike Matessino at the helm! Please be true! PLEASE BE TRUE!
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