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  1. It's more of the music from the game (Haab).
  2. Pray that JJ does not alter it any further. This deal is getting worse all the time!
  3. It seemed a little a strange to me that Throne Room wasn't at the end after the Forest Battle, still great though. They Encore with The Imperial March at Birmingham too.
  4. All of them. I'm stupid, thinking there was different tracks on each one.
  5. Where are these concerts available? I didn't know these recordings existed!
  6. Yes it came out in the 90's. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Screen-Adventure-London-Symphony-Orchestra/dp/B0000275QF
  7. It varies from case to case, from two months to the same day of release. Plus the film promotion hasn't really followed an established pattern. I say we'll have to wait until December to get the first samples. Yes this seems to be logical. Like some people have said JJ might have the samples held back. I don't think anyone decides the samples, because each site seems to have different times, I remember with the Battle of the Five Armies over the various websites we nearly had a quarter of the album.
  8. When do we usually get the short online samples? I remember the last Hobbit soundtrack was about 3 weeks before the soundtrack was released.
  9. Hi guys, Done a few Star Wars Mock Up's, only just realised this thread was here! https://soundcloud.com/andybarraclough/star-wars-main-title-excerpt-hollywood-orchestra-demomock-up https://soundcloud.com/andybarraclough/duel-of-the-fates-orchestral-mock-upexcerpt https://soundcloud.com/andybarraclough/across-the-stars-excerpt-hollywood-orchestra-demomock-up https://soundcloud.com/andybarraclough/battle-of-the-heroes-excerpt-hollywood-orchestra-demomock-up https://soundcloud.com/andybarraclough/the-imperial-march-orchestral-mock-up-excerpt
  10. They nailed the material on Friday. I was expecting it to be good, but it dwarfed the Star Wars in Concert thing that toured!
  11. Just got back from the CBSO Star Wars Concert. Overall, Incredible! Just spot on! Every piece was played so well.
  12. It was a brilliant concert last night. The trumpets were sensational!
  13. Every time Steve does something new with Alan, I always think its going to be re-hashed material. But its always fresh, always comical and its quite rare with these types of characters.
  14. I've been trying to extract the music from the game. No such luck yet
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