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  1. They are all transcribed by ear. The brass in the Corellia Chase is mainly sampled and programmed.
  2. Across the Stars ending is easily my favourite.
  3. I refuse to believe that the Big Screen Adventures is The London Symphony Orchestra.
  4. I check very regularly in the hope that they announce Empire for next year! My dream is they say, if you enjoyed that.. come back next year and hear this.... LSO play The Imperial March
  5. 1. The Imperial March 2. Star Wars Main Theme 3. Adventures On Earth 4. Hedwig's Theme 5. Jurassic Park Main Theme 6. Raider's March 7. Jaws Main Theme 8. Across The Stars 9. Duel of the Fates 10. Home Alone - Somewhere in My Memory
  6. Sorry if this sounds stupid but, they won't be amplifying Williams and the LSO will they? I've never been to the Royal Albert Hall.
  7. I bought one of them blu spec CD's, Empire Strikes Back Sony Re-Release. No difference at all.
  8. When are they revealing the question marked release for this month?
  9. That ace Imperial March cue in the film is missing from the OST
  10. I think it's just Anakin's Dark Deeds that has the film percussion in it. Shame they didn't use the film mix for Enter Lord Vader as well. The really prominent part of Tie Fighter attack was better on every previous release though, I find it very hit and miss.
  11. Listening to Attack of the Clones now, the prequels are really good overall. However has anyone heard this terrible cross fade that is phasing that badly its cutting the trombones out? Attack of the Clones - Track 12: Love Pledge and The Arena (5.46)
  12. The amount of people that say the imperial march from the soundtracks is the one used in the film! So glad someone else can hear the difference!
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