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  1. where did u get that from? well I don't posses it but there are/were plenty on Ebay.... http://cgi.ebay.com/Topps-Star-Wars-30th-J...bayphotohosting ah rite thanx, sorru i thought u ad a link to the new box set then lol
  2. too right they did! how much more are they gonna make us suffer? would it really be the end of the world for them to burn some cues onto a CD or DVD which theve already recorded? (i know theres much more to it but in the end thats it) it exists and just awaits release :S
  3. mine would have to be Doctor Who from the 1960's movie soundtrack would have to be Jaws 1975
  4. Good point there Steef, I forgot about that. People to this day still assemble their own complete editions for the score and they generally can turn out to be better than Sony's version. AMEN to that! Maybe theres some live performances on one of the discs or sommat :S, like weve been saying it could be anything! :S
  5. who said they wanted to record the imperial march for Episode IV? that would be cool, id love the imperial march in episode IV when they see the Death Star n that
  6. Weren't plots like that Lucas' hobby for the good part of the last 10 years? Stick around for Star Wars' 100th birthday. By then we may even hold the Ultimate Edition of ROTS in our hands. Maybe Lucas is waiting for Williams to die, so he doesn't have to pay him. composers must be dead for more than 50 years to stop paying, the money will go to John's next of kin or who ever he puts in his will so we could be waiting for ages for these full scores, im sure i heard rick mcallum saying last year that full scores were on there way :S
  7. idiots! trying to make it sound different with a bit of reverb, muppets! i so hope theres some kind of unreleased material in this set, atleast something!
  8. wots with the Corellian CD its a pile of POODU! crap compilation, any of us could have made it in itunes :S
  9. you know i really hope ure not right, but chances are you probably are lol
  10. hey its on AMAZON.COM! http://www.amazon.com/Music-Star-Wars-Anni...4743&sr=1-1 An 8 Disc Set! yay! hopefully come unreleased material! PLEASE GOD OH PLEASE!!!! and it says november 7th :S different date now
  11. FULL SCORES! PLEASE! i know it probably wont be, sadly i can't help myself but get excited lol it wont happen coz i want it soo bad
  12. The Imperial March is the greatest peice ever written for me lol, suprise suprise. Its hard for me to choose between all the versions, but if i have to id have to go with the Anthology Version, its dark and very Imperial sounding. Strong defined brass throughout the peice. I agree the prague version really does suck! I heard the USO version bout 3 years before i heard the anthology version. was a kid at the time n couldnt afford the anthology lol.
  13. If theres a classical peice thats closest to the imperial march is mars the bringer of war (holst's planets), not that 2nd movement
  14. i really cant wait to hear that ROTK Complete Recordings, the full score in 5.1 DVD Audio, FANTASTIC! i just wish we could have all 6 star wars movies done like that, a DVD Audio and 2-3 CD's
  15. great stuff! Like the 3rd disc, but i like listening to the imperial march with the rest of the music, but fair enough it aint in the movie really untill the end credits.
  16. i havent seen the film yet, i see it tommorow night, cant wait looks fantastic Its soo upsetting again to hear that Mr Williams hasnt scored another Harry Potter movie. The soundtrack (album version) is very strange indeed, i must say the journey to hogwarts begining has a nice homage to hedwig's theme, i liked wot he did there, but no Window To The Past knocks me sick! coz i imagined that when he died terrible terrible idea to leave it out! so ill have to give it a C -
  17. ive got to say the Empire Strikes Back is the best End Credits suite for me, other than Star Wars id have to say E.T. End Credits. The force theme intro then into han and leia's love theme is done very well, then into the main theme, then yoda's theme the sooo fantasically into a very forceful presentation of the imperial march (which we get a double helping off in the special edition) then again into han and leia's theme then into a presentation at the end which only appears in these end credits which is fantastic. Empire for me! lol suprise suprise
  18. My First Soundtrack was John Williams - The Star Wars Trilogy by Varujan Jojian - The Utah Symphony Orchestra Its still my favourite CD to date, nothing has topped it so far!
  19. wot do u mean about a new hope? Reveresed mix? u mean the channels are flipped? L and R ?
  20. Wot Good Musician said also The Imperial March is the best Piece Ever Written and i wanted to 'beef' it up so to speak
  21. Neil is right. You'll have to distribute the link via the PM system. ok then no problem anyone that wants to hear, plz PM me
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