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  1. I saw CBSO perform this program (minus the Force Awakens) in October 2015, they did a fantastic job. Well worth seeing, also the hall is brilliant.
  2. I'm really confused, is the disc going on sale on LaLaLand's site or the second disc site?
  3. Is there a version of the film out there without the music, an isolated Dialogue and Sound effects track?
  4. Yeah it's that hour long one on the Blu Ray disc.
  5. Mine arrived from La-La Land yesterday, listened to the first disc, beautiful sound and presentation. The second disc had a split in it though, but the kind people at La-La Land quick as a flash are sending a replacement.
  6. I hope we get the Film Version of The Imperial Fleet from Empire. Never been released.
  7. It'd be good if we could get isolated score tracks on the next blu ray release they do. Disney will have to up their game with features if they want people to buy the films all over again.
  8. $30 each would be more than reasonable. I hope if they do release all the Star Wars Scores they release them all separately, I believe more material will be released if they do it like that.
  9. Haven't LaLa Land already released that? I can't imagine how much those box sets are going to cost, but what ever it is i'll pay it.
  10. Oh your Film Score Media! Thank you, your channel is awesome!
  11. Do you have the Hero intro and outro cues/files?
  12. I think we are getting some kind of special John Williams releases later this year because Mike Matessino hinted at it in April I think during the Jurassic Park interview?
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