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  1. Would you mind transcribing the article here since I can't seem to load it up properly?
  2. Kosinski might as well have gotten his go-to composer, Joseph Trapanese, to work on the score. He's a huge fan of the original film's score and is pretty good at mixing orchestral and electronic elements together that feel both consistent and unique at the same time. If I had to bring Faltermeyer out of retirement for anything, I'd have done it for Beverly Hills Cop IV. He already worked on the first two films in the series with both its score and soundtrack all drenched in his DNA that's (arguably) way more vital to capture than Top Gun. Plus, he's one of the most memorable elements of the series that define them in terms of tone and how they fit in with the movies proper.
  3. Fine (I guess), but I honestly wished A.R. Rahman scored this instead. Plus, this wouldn't of been his first time dealing with MCU material. https://youtu.be/w5LGdqQAChs
  4. Can you find a source that confirms this? I'd love to know.
  5. Do you have a link to an article or video interview to confirm this? I'd be curious to know if it's true.
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