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    Trope reacted to bollemanneke in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    Give us the Goblet! HP4 has to happen this year, right, with HP1-3 back in stock around that time?
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    Trope got a reaction from Yavar Moradi in James Horner's WILLOW (1988) - NEW! 2022 2-CD Intrada Records   
    The one track I have an issue with is the opening of "The Island", where I feel the synthetic chimes are mixed WAY too loudly compared to the surrounding material. But the orchestral writing and thematic interplay is top notch.
    I'm amazed it took so long to get a complete (or NEAR complete) release of a score which is so highly regarded among film music fans and collectors. This music makes me want to continue exploring much more of 80s Horner - I have just started listening through his Trek scores, and like Willow I'm super impressed with how he handles the orchestra with such ease (considering how young he was at the time), and the level of detail in the writing. Perhaps it was the fantasy/sci-fi genre that allowed for such complex and bombastic music, but as someone more familiar with his 90s-2000s output, no scores jump to mind that have the same level of orchestral flair and freneticism as the ones I am discovering right now.
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    Trope reacted to Jay in James Horner's WILLOW (1988) - NEW! 2022 2-CD Intrada Records   
    I took the shrinkwrap off my copy this morning and am listening now.  Holy hell what a goddamn great score this is, I love it!!
    ...But man, I can't get behind integrating "The Newlyns" into the score program where they are.  Just completely stops everything dead in its tracks for 5 minutes after the perfect 10 minute opener, then the score finally resumes.  Not a fan of having the Willow's Theme track in the middle either, especially since its just an edit of the end credits music.

    But other than those minor issues, what a great, great, great release this is!  I'm loving the entire score here, every single track.
    Will finally dig into the liner notes later!
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    Trope reacted to Jay in James Newton Howard & Xander Rodzinski - WILLOW (2022)   
    EH: What do you have coming up next? I know you’ve got some orchestration projects.
    PK: Yeah, Willow.
    EH: Yeah.
    PK: So, Willow is incredible; James [Newton Howard] did a great job. We’re almost done. I think we’ve done seven episodes and we have one more to do. Then Xander Rodzinski took over for the last few. He used to be one of James’ assistants and now is off on his own and is doing an incredible job. It’s such a fun score. It’s just big lovely fantasy music and a lot of nods to Horner. The danger motif definitely comes in a few times, and all his thematic ideas from Willow are in there too. It’s been really surreal sometimes because it’s a score that I grew up on as a child, and to suddenly be hearing the “Madmartigan Theme” over everything, it’s pretty neat.
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    Trope reacted to JNHFan2000 in 2022 FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION studio sites (featuring music)   
    I wasn't home the last 2 days, but it's surprising to see that no one is talking about the Emmy wins for Severance & The White Lotus.
    I thought the win for Severance was especially deseverved!
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    Trope reacted to Giftheck in 2022 FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION studio sites (featuring music)   
    Since Sony's sites always 503, do we ever know what they submit for consideration?
    If they submit Morbius they're guaranteed a morbillion nominations because it is definitely one of the movies of 2022
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    Trope reacted to Edmilson in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    LLL doing expanded editions of all 5 Indy scores confirmed by Mangold! 
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    Trope reacted to DangerMotif in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    Pretty cool for a big director to talk about LLL
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    Trope reacted to DangerMotif in The official Alexandre Desplat thread   
    Really great news, his Little Women score was one of his best
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    Trope reacted to Alex in Williams debuts "Helena's Theme" from Indiana Jones 5 at the Hollywood Bowl   
    You could tell someone this piece was from Raiders, TOD or TLC, and no one would question it. It sounds so Indy.
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    Trope reacted to Bryant Burnette in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    There cannot possibly be more than 7 people in the entire world who want the score to the new Beavis and Butt-head movie.
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    Trope reacted to Brando in The Official Varese Sarabande Thread   
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    Trope reacted to Chewy in Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion   
    Just made an interesting discovery on The Patronus Light: the original recording seems to have been extended editiorally by looping several sections.
    The full track as it is presented on the OST (and also on the LLL set) lasts 1 min 12. After removing the 3 loops I found, the length is reduced to 45 sec:
    This makes it fit a bit more with Watching The Past (Finale on the OST), where that overlay actually plays. It still doesn't perfectly match though, those tracks contain edits and loops too, on both OST and LLL versions, that were made to sync the choir overlay better with the orchestra, I guess.
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    Trope reacted to artguy360 in The Non-JW Star Wars Music Thread   
    I so wish Desplat had gotten his opportunity to write a SW score. He's a huge fan of JW having been highly complimentary of his music on several occasions. But I think Desplat would have done his own thing and that would have been great to discover. Big time missed opportunity.
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    Trope reacted to bollemanneke in Expansions for Non-JW Harry Potter Soundtracks?   
    And the Hedwig's theme after Ron and Harry make up, plus the fantastic end credits opening.
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    Trope got a reaction from Edmilson in Expansions for Non-JW Harry Potter Soundtracks?   
    I'm an enormous fan of the Desplat Potter scores. Yes, there was a Limited Edition Collector's Set release of Deathly Hallows Part 1, but it only contained a handful of extra cues (a few of which are already available on the digital release). I think he did such a great job in amping up the darkness in tone with two beautifully subtle scores, with plenty of thematic interplay and highly sophisticated orchestral writing, while also allowing for extended periods of silence to dominate, something which I'm starting to appreciate much more as contemporary action movies continue to go for a wall-to-wall approach when it comes to music.
    Goblet of Fire is also growing on me since I revisited it recently. The score of that film reminded me of Howard Shore's music, using lots of clusters and dense, chordal underscore in the lower registers. A complete expansion would be an instant purchase for me as well.
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    Trope reacted to Bilbo in Expansions for Non-JW Harry Potter Soundtracks?   
    It was a bonus disc with a few extra cues released at the same time as the regular edition. Still a good chunk of unreleased music.
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    Trope reacted to Holko in Expansions for Non-JW Harry Potter Soundtracks?   
    If we disregard that WB would want to do 6 on their own like Jay said, it might not be as difficult as we previously thought? The Disaster Box had I think Earthquake licensed as a separate release with its own catalogue number, but still sold as part of the box, and the big heads had no problem with it.
    I'd kill for a proper release of GoF.
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    Trope got a reaction from Chewy in Expansions for Non-JW Harry Potter Soundtracks?   
    Hello, I'm not sure if this has been discussed on the forum before, but would anyone know if such an expansion has ever been mentioned by soundtrack labels (La-La Land, Intrada, etc.)? I imagine that something like this might sell really well, given the popularity John Williams Harry Potter collection (which is one of the best expanded releases I own). I ask this question since I am currently re-watching the Potter films after nearly a decade and noticing that there is some great music unavailable on the OSTs, including both individual standout cues, as well as motivic/thematic pieces that play an important part in the narrative arc of the music. 
    In terms of how these scores could be expanded practically, that is a little challenging. It would be an obvious choice to expand both of Deplat's Deathly Hallows scores as a combined release, and maybe do the same with Hooper's two? Although this leaves out Doyle's Goblet of Fire, which could be either a standalone release, or could be included alongside the Hooper scores, as a sort of "Harry Potter - The Middle Years" collection (although I'm sure there are some people who would want the Doyle score and not Hooper's). 
    I don't know the general consensus on the forum about the quality of the non-JW Potter scores, but I personally think that each one is very good fantasy/action score, even if some are less successful at being a "Harry Potter" score in the style of John Williams.
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    Trope reacted to Jay in Expansions for Non-JW Harry Potter Soundtracks?   
    4 and 5 are, like 1-3, split between WB Music and WB Pictures, so could be licensed the same way 1-3 were for the Potter box. 
    6-8 were released on WB Picture's own music label, Water Tower Records, so would be extremely hard to license; it'd be more likely they expand the scores themselves on their own label. 
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    Trope reacted to crumbs in Expansions for Non-JW Harry Potter Soundtracks?   
    No reason they can't happen... though I understand Warner Brothers is a much more difficult studio to licence scores from now, due to various corporate mergers and management changes.
    After the JW HP box, Mike Matessino mentioned he'd happily do the remaining 5 scores but there's complexities in how to release them. The OST label changed between films 5 and 6, so a Hooper box set might not be possible (each of his two OSTs released on different labels, which makes licensing an expansion difficult).
    In theory a standalone GOF expansion, and a Desplat DH1+DH2 set, should be straightforward.
    These things just take time, especially with COVID grinding things to a halt for two years.
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    Trope reacted to Drew in The Thomas Newman Thread   
    Very sad news: Film Music Reporter has confirmed Reznor and Ross have scored the film. FMR has a 99+ percent accuracy rate.
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    Trope reacted to michael_grig in The Composer's Thread   
    Ooh! That's very good! You took a more melancholy but optimistic approach! I took a more dramatic approach. I think both work well!
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