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    Trope reacted to crumbs in Disney Re-Issuing Indiana Jones Trilogy/Saga on November 3, 2023   
    Just checked the release date of the Concord box: November 11, 2008. Seems likely Concord had mechanical rights to the Indy scores for 15 years, and they're now reverting to Disney (these reissues are dated almost 15 years to the day).
    Wouldn't be surprised if the Concord assemblies (with extra music) vanish from streamers next month, like the SW SEs when those rights reverted from Sony to Disney.
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    Trope reacted to Jay in Hans Zimmer and Nick-Glennie Smith's THE ROCK (1996) - NEW! 2023 Intrada 2-CD edition   
    Stéphane has provided more info at the same link:

    Nick & Hans basically gave me carte blanche. It was cool to have Harry Gregson-Williams' support & interest as well (unfortunately, HGW isn't really interested in the whole "expanded" topic so don't expect any of his scores to be expanded. But he was cool with The Rock. Hoping one day we'll change his mind ! :)). Kaya Savas wrote the liners, if you want to read more from the composers about their experience & the production of that score).
    We got big help from RCP & the film's music editing team to get material. My friend Maxime Marion (who knows the score inside & out as much as I do) engineered & mastered it. We took great care of it. Douglass Fake from Intrada usually handles mastering for most of their releases but they were happy with what we came up with so I guess we didn't disappoint. Quality is top notch, besides a few of the demos (more on that below).
    The score presentation is pretty straightforward. Cues were assembled where it made sense, Nick & Marc Streitenfeld's assembly from 1996 was a blueprint to start with but it also had a few things that needed corrections.
    It was a surprise that among the material RCP kept they had old synth mock ups of the score, not always in the best shape though. That's the only downside here, the Chase demos didn't come in great quality (fear not, nothing on the level of the almost unlistenable The Lion King Legacy Collection score demos lol). But there was never a question not to include them : they're just too good & too much fun, and a great case study of a sequence rewritten to death developing to its final version just days before the film's release (it was the last approved cue !).
    Oh and if you ask why more of Nick's early sketches are not released, it was technically impossible for the most part as some bits got reused elsewhere in other scores later.
    Out of all that material, we had Bob Daspit's great guitar solo from Naval Weapons Depot, so it was cool to remix it and end the album with that "heavy guitar version".
    Hope you'll enjoy it !!!
  3. Surprised
    Trope reacted to crumbs in Aliens - Complete Score?   
    Glad it's not just me. Was checking out that isolated score tonight and compared it with the Varese. The iso definitely sounds superior; the stage sounds fuller, the stereo field is improved, and it's way less tinny. Overall there's more detail and it's "cleaner." I suspect it's not true 5.1 and the rear channels are fake surround, but they add some nice reverb when folded into the mix.
    Would love to know if they made new transfers for the isolated scores but can't find any information online. Would be cool if Mike did a podcast about the Alien series someday.
    I'd pick up a new release of Aliens in a heartbeat. The 2003 Varese is definitely overdue for a fresh transfer/remaster. Fat chance with Disney now involved though.
  4. Haha
    Trope reacted to Manakin Skywalker in Disney Re-Issuing Indiana Jones Trilogy/Saga on November 3, 2023   
    Why it's right here!
    10 - Belly Of The Steel Beast.mp3  
  5. Haha
    Trope reacted to Manakin Skywalker in Disney Re-Issuing Indiana Jones Trilogy/Saga on November 3, 2023   
    Wow, this preview track sound great!
    10 - The Mine Car Chase.mp3  
  6. Haha
    Trope reacted to mstrox in Does anybody ENJOY Star Wars anymore?   
    How much of the Ahsoka miniseries do you think George Lucas had planned in advance vs made up later? 
  7. Haha
    Trope reacted to Tallguy in Does anybody ENJOY Star Wars anymore?   
    Of course, Thor. I also watch Star Trek.
  8. Haha
  9. Haha
    Trope reacted to crumbs in Disney Re-Issuing Indiana Jones Trilogy/Saga on November 3, 2023   
    Is the irony lost on anyone else that Disney are going to the trouble of reissuing the original trilogy on CD, after making the latest score available on CD for barely a few hours?
  10. Haha
    Trope reacted to Bellosh in Disney Re-Issuing Indiana Jones Trilogy/Saga on November 3, 2023   
    milk me harder Mousey™ 

  11. Haha
    Trope reacted to crumbs in Disney Re-Issuing Indiana Jones Trilogy/Saga on November 3, 2023   
    Can't wait for the cassette tape resurgence!
  12. Haha
  13. Sad
    Trope reacted to Tydirium in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    I literally just placed my first-ever LLL order less than 9 hours ago (Sabrina, Saving Private Ryan, Casper). I had stuff sitting in my cart for the last week or two and finally decided to go ahead and place the order. Any idea if it is possible to cancel and then reorder with this 21% off promotion???
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    Trope reacted to Jay in Hans Zimmer and Nick-Glennie Smith's THE ROCK (1996) - NEW! 2023 Intrada 2-CD edition   
    01. Opening–Naval Weapons Depot (8:07)
    02. Baby Gas (2:28)
    03. Romance I–Tour’s Over Bob (3:46)
    04. Hummel Speech/Alcatraz Reopened (2:25)
    05. Hummel’s Demands To Pentagon (1:21)
    06. Possible Romantic Cue (0:46)
    07. Mason Montage (1:26)
    08. San Francisco Montage (1:17)
    09. Interrogation–Quarter (1:28)
    10. Window Crash/Fairmont (2:07)
    11. Haircut/Escape: The Chase!! (8:21)
    12. Goodspeed Tracks Jade (0:50)
    13. Jade (1:58)
    14. Blueprints (1:05)
    15. Hummel/SEALs (7:14)
    16. Mason Into Furnace/SEALs Tunnel–SEAL Attack (9:24)
    17. Aftermath (0:51)
    18. Bombs (3:43)
    19. The Morgue (1:45)
    20. Indiana Jones/Fight With Marines (6:17)
    CD 1 Total Time: 66:49

    CD 2 THE SCORE (continued)
    01. Hostage/Goodspeed Captured (5:35)
    02. Plasma Bomb Is Ready (0:52)
    03. Hammer Head (6:02)
    04. President’s Lament (1:59)
    05. Mission’s Over/Final Attack/Finale (16:19)
    06. Fort Walton, Kansas (1:39)
    07. End Titles (Hummel / SEALs) (2:14)


    08. SEAL Attack (Alternate Segment) (1:34)
    09. Fort Walton, Kansas (Alternate) (1:37)
    10. Main Theme Idea (Nick’s Demo Sketch) (2:36)
    11. Hummel Speech–Alcatraz Reopened (Demo Version) (2:24)
    12. Haircut / Escape: The Chase!! (Demo Version 1) (3:37)
    13. Haircut / Escape: The Chase!! (Demo Version 2) (8:04)
    14. Haircut / Escape: The Chase!! (Demo Version 3) (8:16)
    15. Naval Weapons Depot (Rock Mix) (4:17)
    CD 2 Total Time: 67:12
    INTRADA Announces!




    Intrada presents the long in-demand expanded edition of one of Michael Bay's most beloved films—Hollywood Pictures' The Rock. To score this solid action tale set on San Francisco's famous Alcatraz island, the filmmakers turned to Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams. Given Glennie-Smith's past experiences with both producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Bay, he stepped into the role of lead composer. The result was a strikingly popular score with such a distinctive theme that for years after it would appear in trailers and be heard by millions around the world. But many would not realize they were hearing The Rock. It is a score that features a unique blend of action bravado undercut with a touch of melancholy. As first presented, the main theme represents the tragedy of combat and loss, but when flipped morphs into an heroic anthem. Even with both Glennie-Smith and Zimmer on board, however, the workload proved greater than expected. Enter Harry Gregson-Williams, who was just down the hall. Gregson-Williams was initially brought on as an “additional” composer. As the film’s postproduction schedule became more and more frenetic, his involvement continued to grow.
    For this 2-CD set, Intrada features the complete score in film order, plus our usual section of "extras" that includes alternates and demos. The alternates showcase a very different tone from one version to another and provide an enlightening glimpse into the score's evolution. This new edition features some two hours and 15 minutes of music and is an iconic example of '90s action scoring at its peak.
    The story revolves around Francis X. Hummel (Ed Harris), a rogue brigadier general who enlists a group of Marines to take hostages on Alcatraz and hold them for ransom while they threaten the San Francisco area with VX rockets. Their goal is to secure funds to help pay back the families of soldiers killed in covert U.S. government operations. The government enlists the help of Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage), a chemical weapons expert FBI agent. They also turn to John Mason (Sean Connery), a political prisoner and former MI6 agent who is the only person known to have escaped from Alcatraz. Goodspeed and Mason, led by a team of US Navy SEALs, attempt to infiltrate Alcatraz and neutralize the threat while rescuing the hostages.

    Intrada ISC 491
    Retail Price: $31.99
    Barcode: 7 20258 54910 5
    Ships week of 10/2

    For track listing and sound samples visit the The Rock soundtrackoundtrack page.

    Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams
    Label: Intrada Special Collection Volume ISC 491
    Film Date: 1996
    Album Date: 2023
    Time: 134:01
    Tracks: 35

    Knockout '90s action score gets expanded premiere! One of the higher request expansions we have received over the years has finally made it across the finish line! Michael Bay directs, Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer produce for Hollywood Pictures. Sean Connery heads the cast, with Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, Michael Biehn, William Forsythe supporting. 1996 action classic was a smash box-office hit and dynamic, powerhouse scoring by Nick Glennie-Smith and Hans Zimmer with Harry Greyson-Williams getting in some musical licks was a major ingredient in the film’s success.
    Trend-setting score features pulsating rhythms to drive action forward, with chopping melodic motifs above that became musical staples in numerous subsequent action movie trailers for years. There is melancholy as well in select moments, but action is keynote. Elements of military heroism and terrorism meld as armed take-over of Alcatraz prison complex known as “The Rock” by rogue group of Marines. San Francisco is the target of deadly VX rockets unless financial demands are met. Navy SEALS infiltrate and counter-attack and dense, aggressive music keeps pace.
    Expanded 2-CD release, courtesy of Hollywood Pictures and Disney was assembled and produced by Stephane Humez with mastering by Maxime Marion. Intrada presentation features the complete score in film order plus a wealth of alternates and demos, providing an aural insight into the preparations of this scoring classic. Two hours and fifteen minutes of music that defined the '90s and onwards.
    Full cue assembly details, dramatic packaging designed by Kay Marshall and informative booklet notes by Kaya Savas complete this exciting 2-CD set. Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer, Harry Greyson-Williams compose. Nick Glennie-Smith, Bruce Fowler, Don Harper share in conducting duties. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!
  15. Haha
    Trope reacted to Naïve Old Fart in SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE - 3CD Set from La-La Land Records   
    Absolutely fantastic!
    Can someone lend me $39.98 (plus shipping)? 
  16. Like
    Trope reacted to CrimsonRain96 in Gareth Edwards' THE CREATOR (Hans Zimmer, 2023)   
    So, does anybody else think the score is absolutely gorgeous and some of the best work he’s done in quite some time? On par with his work on Dune and Dark Phoenix (not the best movie, but the DP score and the supplementary “sketches” album are fantastic). 
  17. Like
    Trope reacted to enderdrag64 in Howard Shore's THE LORD OF THE RINGS   
    I agree with all of this, I'd also be in favor of keeping separate cues separate instead of editing them into 8min+ long tracks.
  18. Like
    Trope reacted to Richard Penna in Howard Shore's THE LORD OF THE RINGS   
    Given the FotR CR came out in 2005 (18 years ago) and how many reissues and re-expansions some scores have gotten, it strikes me as completely reasonable for a reassembly of all three
    The only thing that really bothers me about TTT and RotK is not having theatrical versions of some cues (or only having them from a videogame, i.e. compressed). FotR strikes me as the only one that needs a partial rebuild to restore the intended score.
    And of course all three need cast performances removing where they've over score, and the usual alternates for all three.
    I could easily live with all that being digital only.
  19. Like
    Trope reacted to Mephariel in What musical element you don't like in film scores?   
    There are no musical elements that I dislike. I don't get this kind of thinking. There is nothing wrong with using drums to keep the listeners interest. It is just another instrument and is effective. And not every score needs constantly changing music. I also don't get some people's dislike of electric guitar. I think during a review, Clemmensen called the instrument "dumb." Can an instrument be dumb? And people really dislike bagpipes? Why? 
  20. Haha
    Trope reacted to HunterTech in Gareth Edwards' THE CREATOR (Hans Zimmer, 2023)   
    The next will be all the AI tracks that didn't get used!
  21. Like
    Trope reacted to 1977 in The La-La Land Black Friday 2023 thread   
    My predictions based on absolutely nothing other than idle speculation:
    The Godfather: Part II
    Jurassic Park ///
    Born on the Fourth of July
    Something else (perhaps Bond?)
    Another something (The Mask of Zorro?)
  22. Like
    Trope reacted to Richard Penna in The La-La Land Black Friday 2023 thread   
    I want, but based on MV's comments about having a couple of 60s Universal titles this year, I fear we may be waiting a bit longer.
    However, I so badly hope he wasn't being completely literal. There couldn't conceivbly be a better time to put it out than now.
  23. Haha
    Trope reacted to Edmilson in Something Big coming Hint by Mike Matessino   
    Is one day enough to hear every second of music written by John Williams for the SW movies/shows/theme parks, etc?
    I remember some rough estimates that JW wrote around 18 hours of music, so he'll have another 6 hours to spare, which he can spend with the OSTs!
  24. Haha
    Trope reacted to Brando in Something Big coming Hint by Mike Matessino   
    Instead of resurrecting the mom, the AI's get to resurrect one soul to listen to all 9 films expansions all way thru one time. The lucky soul? Thor.
  25. Haha
    Trope reacted to Edmilson in Something Big coming Hint by Mike Matessino   
    The John Williams Star Wars complete box set, featuring every second of music ever recorded by JW for SW movies and produced by Mike Matessino's distant descendants, will be released for the 200th anniversary of A New Hope. However, there might not be any humans left to hear it, just evolved and ascended AI that roams through the ruins of human civilization, kinda like the A.I. epilogue.

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