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    Trope reacted to Chen G. in Star Wars is better than everything   
    I have a methodology, that some people may contest, but because George Lucas had proven himself to be fallacious (I'd suggest, to the degree of a pathological liar) I try to research his work and films relying on his own testimony as little as I possibly can. Aesthetically, I refuse to use his descriptions of his films as a way of reading those films.
    I'm in general reluctant to look at what the artist says he did, preferring instead to look directly at what the artist actually does, letting the film speak for itself. Artists by nature deal with dramatising urges and feelings that aren't rational and that they only get to analyse after the fact, so their own impressions of their own work often reflect some idealised form of the work of art that lives in their heads, rather than the actual work of art that is there, or as they evolve artistically they recontextualise works from earlier in their oeuvre to "fit" with their new weltanschauung...
    And I don't see the "its a silent film" rhetoric really coming through in Lucas' film. He has this way of taking these labels - "silent film", "documentary", "myth" - and kind of abstract them to the point that almost every film could be made to fit into those categories. So "documentary", in his words, becomes "naturalistically shot, clippy, with a lack of flashy camera moves", for example. Okay, George...
    Much the same is true of Lucas' description of Star Wars as a silent film. What Lucas is describing is the aim of any good, succesfull film, and even films that we think of as reasonably "talky" and interior, can have visual storytelling not independent of the dialogue, but happening "under" the dialogue as it were, simply by the subtleties of the blocking. You don't need the characters to literally shut-up for a sequence to be visually-driven, and even if there is a sequence where the characters DO shut up, but its really just a trekking montage or a fight scene, that's not REALLY the best exponent of visual storytelling.
    In my view, Star Wars is hardly an exceptional case regarding this. Its visually-driven, but not any more than any good film is, I'd say. We've talked about this on this thread before, but some characters in Star Wars like the Droids, troopers and Vader are really reliant on dialogue: the only reason we understand R2 is through C3PO's verbal responses to him.
    Ironically, the most substantivelly "silent" moment I can think of, is to be found in a film not directed by Lucas: its in Return of the Jedi, where Vader sees the Emperor tormenting Luke. The context makes us "read" expressions into Vader's mask: the Kulashev effect. And what does Lucas do? He comes back years later and spells it out in dialogue...
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    Trope reacted to Faleel in John Williams: Unpopular Opinions   
    Oh hai! Ho hai!
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    Trope reacted to Jurassic Shark in John Williams: Unpopular Opinions   
    Yeah, for all Balfe scored films, for starters.
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    Trope reacted to Steffromuk in James Horner's HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS (1989) - NEW! 2024 Intrada Expanded Edition   
    What bugs me more is the fact the new re-releases from Intrada use an almost identical art and design as their previous releases (Inchon, Species, Honey... etc..). Which makes it very hard to differenciate one version from the other. I'm sure a lot of people will end up buying the previous version of Honey or Inchon, thinking they're getting the remastered or expanded one.
    here is my "remastered" cover
    I shrunk the kids even more on this one to get closer to their actual scale in the movie. and I made Rick look down compared to the original poster.
    You can see my alternate cover on the Custom Covers Thread

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    Trope reacted to Faleel in John Williams: Unpopular Opinions   
    Remembrances is better anyways.
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    Trope reacted to crumbs in John Powell - THELMA THE UNICORN (2024)   
    That's stupid. We live in a digital/streaming era. Why is Powell being constrained by arbitrary maximum runtimes that are relics of physical formats?!
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    Trope reacted to CGCJ in Star Wars "Rebels" - Kevin Kiner Returns!   
    WTF why are Wolves to the Rescue & Wolves Maul the Stormtroopers the wrong cues!? They contain Ghost Pursued and Pryce Cuffed, not the cues the tracks are titled after! They have the correct composer credits for the 'Wolves' cues and not for what they actually contain (David Glen Russell isn't credited for the inclusion of Ghost Pursued), so this seems to be a mistake.
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    Trope reacted to CGCJ in Star Wars "Rebels" - Kevin Kiner Returns!   
    I've finished going through the series 3 soundtrack and have updated my spreadsheet. Now onto series 4!
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    Trope reacted to Datameister in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - 40th Anniversary Edition from La-La Land Records   
    Me right now, not listening to anything: 🤔
    Me earlier today, when the E.T. end credits came up in shuffle: 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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    Trope reacted to JTN in Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread   
    JW: You need a better composer than me.
    SS: I know, but they're all dead.
    JW: What about Hans?
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    Trope reacted to Naïve Old Fart in What are your non-Williams film score holy grails now?   
    Do you want to rephrase that?  
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    Trope got a reaction from JTN in What are your non-Williams film score holy grails now?   
    I honestly would love to get a complete Finding Nemo release. That score means a lot to me, it was my first ever experience of Thomas Newman as a child. I’m still a little saddened that nothing came out for its 20th anniversary last year.
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    Trope reacted to crumbs in James Horner's HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS (1989) - NEW! 2024 Intrada Expanded Edition   
    Good feedback @Richard Penna, some valid points. Looking at the cover a few days later, I don't love my fonts anymore so I might revisit with a second pass. Every designer looks at their work a few days later and sees things they want to change.
    On the colour aspect, sadly a google search revealed no colour accurate examples of the original poster, probably due to the film's age. Every instance looks wrong - poorly lit, too magenta, too brown, too washed out, etc.
    However, there's little doubt Intrada's cover uses a raw scan with no colour correction or digital cleanup whatsoever, which isn't accurate either. It's riddled with dirt, scratches and the white levels are incorrect (it's a dull gray). This means their source was an analogue scan which always requires colour correction (to offset decades of faded ink, for example).
    But without a time machine to look at the original printed artwork 3 decades ago, all we can do is approximate the "feel" of the poster and replicate the tone we think they were going for. That's always going to be subjective
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    Trope got a reaction from JTN in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    I wouldn't call Hook, The Mask of Zorro, Octopussy, Live and Let Die, or Top Gun niche...
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    Trope got a reaction from JTN in The Official La-La Land Records Thread   
    It's nice for them to take a break from the extremely popular releases and do something a little more niche (at least I personally have never before heard of these films or composers). 
    And it's nice for me that my wallet can recover before the next John Williams round - Please be Catch Me If You Can or The Terminal!
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    Trope reacted to crumbs in LLL Announces: TORN CURTAIN-EXPANDED & REMASTERED (John Addison and Bernard Herrmann) May 7th Release   
    That artwork is fantastic! Bravo LLL and whoever they commissioned for the art design.
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    Trope reacted to crumbs in James Horner's HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS (1989) - NEW! 2024 Intrada Expanded Edition   
    Cleaned up cover art:

    For comparison's sake:

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    Trope reacted to crumbs in James Horner's HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS (1989) - NEW! 2024 Intrada Expanded Edition   
    I'm not sure why Intrada's artwork is so low effort but it's certainly another missed opportunity.
    For anyone who can't see how the official artwork is flawed, this GIF might help. I did basic colour correction, digital dirt removal and fixed the white levels (they're actually a dull greenish grey on the official art). The key art is riddled with dirt from the raw scan of the poster artwork, and the photographic elements have an ugly blue tint... frankly it's baffling even the most basic cleanup wasn't attempted. Even the background is riddled with dirt!
    This cleanup took barely 30 minutes.

    Roger is missing the forest for the trees when people take issue with Intrada's artwork.
    It's not that reusing existing artwork is flawed. It's that it's presented so poorly when it is used.
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    Trope reacted to Mr. Hooper in Book John Williams   
    He's charged with several counts of plagiarism. The internet sleuths on YouTube did the detective work and brought the evidence to the police.
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    Trope reacted to filmmusic in Do you think Saving Private Ryan is a masterpiece?   
    I can't believe that SPR is your less favorite than let's say 1941, The BFG etc...
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