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  1. I kind of have a weird situation when it comes to this. I try to stay as current I can nowadays with the whole rap scene. I have actually come to like some it over the years. So, I mainly use rap as my cover nowadays when people ask me what my favorite kind of music is. I know for a fact that nobody my age listens and watches a movie like I and the rest of us do, to them it's just two and half hours of mindless entertainment with no real other beneficiating factor other than to kill time. I specifically remember fairly recently I was in class sitting at a table with a bunch of classmates, and our history teacher was playing music on her computer. I didn't really pay attention to it at the time, but when I got out of whatever game we were playing, I realized that a cover of the finale from Last Crusade was playing. I remember saying something about it, and I believe the responses from the table were either laughing or "ok?".
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