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  1. Yes: avoid any Restaurant that offers a tourist menu (menu turistico). They're subpar 99,2% of the time.
  2. Make a list of the Top 50 movies nobody has ever watched, crack your knuckles and blindly pick one - and you'll have the same praise by "experts" who think the more obscure a movie is the hipper you are for knowing or acknowledging it.
  3. It's possible to voice the opinion that a CD release may not offer enough value to buy it, you know. These are hard monetary times, and most people need to be careful what they spend. SO, if you have to speak in this tone ... if those bitching about people being "ungrateful" towards this may indulge me for a moment, if I have to choose between a rare night out with my fiancee, and buying a CD twice for 40 dollars, I certainly will not choose the superfluous CD because some avatars on the internet tell me to be "thankful" towards some random company.
  4. He will tell the story behind it: "Jim showed me the trailer, and after the lights went back on, I turned to him and said 'You really need a better composer than I am for this'. and he replied 'I know, but they're all deaf' ..."
  5. You say you're well beyond 50, yet, by all accounts, you sound like you're 13 who was introduced to film music by video game soundtracks. On the other hand, if your antics and instincts for quality indeed permeate the modern batch of movie production alumni, the new batch of abhorrent subversive movies and shows make absolute sense.
  6. Surely you can't be so *****g naive. "Yeah we knew season 1 would be shite, but in season 2 we will make it awesome!" Literally nothing about this show is genuine. The only genuine thing on this show is its fakeness.
  7. Speaking of RAM ... have you encountered the following problem: I bought CinePerc during the Black Friday weekend. When I tried downloading it through Native Access, it said the download failed because not enough disc space was availble, and I needed 149 GB additional hard drive space. My destined hard drive had 250 GB left on it. Ok I thought, let me move 200 GB to a different drive. It still gave me download failed. Then, I used another drive with 1,1 TB of space, and it still said not enough space. I've spoken with both Cinesamples and Native Access support, and both couldn't tell me what's wrong.
  8. I assume the similarity to the Antikythera mechanism is not a coincidence?
  9. That's a weird rant. I don't know what you mean by local label, but LaLaLand is not exactly a neighborhood joint. By the way, there are only two big companies left in the US that still print books. Do you hold me responsible for not buying the latest crime thriller? I don't need to spend 40 dollars, or any money, on a soundtrack I don't feel I need. You're putting way more thought into this than necessary.
  10. If this isn't one of the saddest things I've read I don't know what is. It's no big deal not having an ear for music, but listen to those who have. Having "worked in the film industry" doesn't give you an ear for film music. Also, since you're not coy about your thoughts, I don't have to be either: it's hard calling this trailer music "composed", since it sounds like it was most likely cooked up by someone playing MIDI directly into a DAW. John Williams WRITES music, and someone who actually writes music down - someone really skilled - couldn't come up with something this shallow and vapid if he tried. Especially not if his music has a distinct quality like JW.
  11. I tried running the Spitfire Symphony on a laptop once. No good lol
  12. I was wondering if you can just add Spaces to the instrument tracks as a second plugin and if that would work. Maybe that would be too RAM intensive though?
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