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  1. … 😂😂😂 I thought your post was serious until that paragraph. Nicely trolled!
  2. I also hope to find out who the Stranger is. The Mystics are a race from the East that were written about but never shown on screen before, so I’m sorry of still thinking of them as a sort of Man. They definitely aren’t Maiar. I’m still not even sure they are “evil”… Halbrand being Sauron would be epic but I would be extremely surprised. I’d like to see Celebrimbor and Gil-Galad recast next season. They about the heck out of me. i don’t actually mind Galadriel’s attitude, and I think going back and watching the previous episodes with the revelation sit Celeborn might make people more sympathetic. Anyway, I don’t mind her attitude or character as much as the other elves.
  3. I really dislike Gil-Galad. And Celebrimbor is a bit petulant. This is an extremely odd clip... I hope the overall episode is better than this clip...
  4. I’d like to see Shore completely cut loose from this. It was obvious his involvement was just one more attempt to make connections with fans between RoP and Peter Jackson’s films. It has backfired wildly in that the main theme has nothing to do with anything and Just sort of sits there on its own. And provides fodder for the overly dramatic teenagers who want to complain about every element of the show… I DO suspect that music in season 5 will blur the lines between Shore’s original themes and Bear’s originals. We may even hear direct riffs. That would be cool.
  5. This coming from the guy who was so hurt and sad and shattered because other people like different music?!?! I remember literally laughing out loud when the OST was released and @blondheim’s posts talking about how much it “stings” that other people enjoyed it… seriously. If you need a good laugh, go back and read his posts and then keep in mind that he now thinks someone else is “so fragile”… 😂😂😂
  6. Well I meant I wonder if the finale will be more like a 2 hour episode rather than a 69 minute episode...
  7. Thank you for posting this! I've found the season slow but overall enjoyable. I AM a little worried how they're going to pull this together in any sensible way in 1 hour remaining, unless the season finale will be longer?
  8. I don't think any possible reading of the conversation suggests we think you're trolling for having a different opinion...
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