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  1. I don't know if this answers anything for you. In the booklet it says "All tracks published by USI B Music Publishing (BMI), ©1992" under the tracklist. There is also this though: "Motion Picture Artwork and Artwork Title ©1992 Universal Studios. ℗ 1992, 2022 under exclusive license to Varese Sarabande Records, LLC, a Concord company. Manufactured for and Distributed by Concord (...)"
  2. Heh, of course it comes out soon after I'd received my CD. Anyhow, it is a nice release. No regrets. I appreciated a few of the film versions more than the main program tracks.
  3. https://quartetrecords.com/product/thief-of-hearts-2-cd/ Didn't see anyone talking about it but in my opinion it's worth a mention. Great release after first listen. Only thing I maybe wish it had was all the song instrumentals, not just the Faltermeyer produced ones.
  4. If it were me, from the music noms, I'd give it to Son Lux because of how bonkers and integral to the movie the music is.
  5. Andor has music on disney site. mp3 only so no hirez update for the OST tho. I lied, some files are mp3 but most are hirez wavs. OST1 only.
  6. Personally hoping the McNeely's are the remaining Tinkerbells. Would love the neglected Disney sequels he did, too.
  7. Hello good people, I have a quick question regarding this LLL release. I see a lot of you are saying this release is better than Varese. Now I don't have the Varese CD but I do have the 33track hirez Back Lot release. Is the digital release the same as Varese or is it the same one used for the main program of LLL? Perhaps it was already answered somewhere, in which case I apologize for asking again. Edit: Hmmm. By some of your posts and the tracklengths I guess the digital is the same as Varese. Grrrr.... Welp. Hopefully it is still available by the time I make my next order...
  8. Over 3 weeks and shitty customs later, it has arrived at my doorstep. Glad it's not later than today.
  9. I definitely go back to the first movie DE more but my judgement is clouded by what I think of the 2nd movie which, without getting into it, is _nowhere_ near as good as the 1st in my opinion. The 2nd Deluxe is still a good release and a good expansion, whereas the 1st Deluxe was definitely a huge improvement on a technical level over the initial OST release.
  10. I'm going to assume that movie/score might as well be a standalone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KHiPr-X2NY
  11. Cradle of Life is out on digital in AU/NZ. No Death Becomes Her. Could it be announced tomorrow for a November release? Or Friday CD only? I don't know how Varese announcements work.
  12. Lucky. Mine shipped. Hopefully I get it by the end of next week.
  13. Would feel weird without the first Father of the Bride, wouldn't it? I wonder how much music there is left in those movies. I adore them (and released OSTs) but never really focused on how much unreleased material there is. Each movie OST has about 22 minutes of Silvestri, the rest is songs (or that darn canon). Uh, another good QR release. And one of my favorite colorful spines, too.
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