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  1. Pretty sure the reuse fees are to blame for no choir on the CD.
  2. You mean working out a cue in your head before committing it to paper (or computer)? This is basically what I do. I figured most composers could 'hear' music in their inner ear...is this not the case? Although, I can't transcribe what I'm hearing without the aid of a pitch device (maybe in another 30 years ). I know Horner works at a desk with no piano at all. That is an ability I'd love to develop.
  3. The best piece of advice I've learned from JW is to just focus on what's on the writing desk for today. Don't spend your time looking over your shoulder or looking ahead (in terms of the music you've written). He just writes. Writes, writes, writes. Occasionally discovering a small fragment of something he decides is worth pursuing and then proceeds to explore and refine it. tedfud, you mentioned him breaking rules and techniques that he had just adhered to a bar or two before. Can you elaborate with an example? Are you talking about voicings, perhaps?
  4. He said the same thing in Chicago, Nov 2013.
  5. That's fantastic! I'd love to hear the original Attack of the Clones finale mocked up with great libraries. Hell, I'd mock it up myself but it seems the AOTC sketches aren't floating around as freely as other stuff.
  6. Hehe, well the music on that website might be from Zimmer's score. Sure, it's generic. But I haven't heard anything that in that "heroic vein" (on a trumpet solo too) from Zimmer in a while. If that's Zimmer's theme for the film, it's actually a big step up from his Batman and Superman scores. I don't think Zimmer has started the orchestral recording sessions yet, because it's obviously a synth mock-up now. I was pretty sure it was a mockup too, but Hybrid Soldier over at FSM claims it's the real deal-- with Arturo Sandoval on trumpet and Marr on guitar.
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