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  1. Home! https://blogs.chapman.edu/copa/2014/03/25/were-off-to-see-the-wizard-a-meeting-with-composer-john-williams/ Also is that his stopwatch next to his glasses on the desk?
  2. Matthew Wood has said it was JW’s suggestion during mixing to drop the music until Kylo appears through the wall of water.
  3. Can we please get a weekly JW TV show where he shows us how to make happy little tunes? Like Bob Ross?
  4. I would be interested to see if JW wrote any alternate versions for TFA that didn’t include it. Listening to the concert version of Jedi Steps, there are glimpses of what could’ve been if he’d just kept building on that theme and then crescendoing into the end credits. It’d definitely be a darker approach. We do know that there’s an alternate for TROS that at least has a different bridge to the end credits instead of simply repeating TFA.
  5. I’d pick Revenge of the Sith for sure. The storytelling connection to Luke’s moment in Ep 4 is a very satisfying way to wrap up those first six films. You might even say it rhymes! I think JW could have come up with some great alternatives for the sequel trilogy. Thoughts?
  6. It’s his normal house, you’re probably thinking of his bungalow/office at Amblin or whatever it’s called now. https://blogs.chapman.edu/copa/2014/03/25/were-off-to-see-the-wizard-a-meeting-with-composer-john-williams/
  7. The discussion in this thread is pretty great and goes on for several pages. To me, listening to RO, it’s not hard for me to fathom the possibility that JW disliked how his themes were presented.
  8. Thank you! I only caught the last half hour but it was pretty great! Loved the comment about how some London musicians moaned and groaned when slated for a Williams session in the early 80’s because they wouldn’t be able to smoke. Apparently back then sessions were so full of smoke you could barely see the projection screen.
  9. I’m listening to the live horn hangout, and the horn player on Ep 9 said that Williams wrote two versions of Finale, with the second version having a different bridge between binary sunset and the end credits! Ugh, I’d love to hear it instead of the recycled TFA version. I only caught the last half-hour so hopefully the whole thing will be uploaded soon.
  10. uhhh...did anyone else miss this music video that was released back in October?
  11. I agree. JW was definitely more introspective and opinionated in interviews during the 70’s and 80’s. Maybe he just got tired of it and decided to focus on the music after a certain point. You have to admit that the PR has been super polished and well-prepared since the 90’s. A part of me is bummed we’ll probably never get the same type of openness and honest opinions from him like we got from other composers like Goldsmith, Herrmann, Barry, Rosenman, and Horner.
  12. This is from around four years ago, that so that would probably explain it a bit. This is the portion that originally came out in 2016: The interviewer is Conductor Stéphane Denève.
  13. I would have loved for Anthem of Evil to have been an actual concert version of The Emperor’s Theme, yet still have this new theme interwoven as a sort of thematic extension. That, to me, would have been an appropriate musical summation of “the dark side” after nine films. The opening choral section is gorgeous and seductively evil, I would have gladly replaced all the meandering Snoke material from the previous two scores with it. In hindsight, the new theme in Anthem of Evil could’ve served as a broader theme for Kylo/Ben’s pull to the dark side throughout the whole trilogy.
  14. Dammit, all the cool Don Williams video segments have been removed from the Scoring Arts YouTube channel.
  15. Agreed with everything you wrote. I used to be able to wait on the bigger titles and grab them during sales in one order. But in the past few years that’s just lead to lots of frustration.
  16. https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/magazine/view/33 Richard Harvey talks playing the “Window to the Past” solo during the Azkaban sessions.
  17. Live or not, Gia’s demo would be a piece of cake for any decent sample library these days. This track is an extreme example of what the technology is capable of, and this was done over six years ago. It’s like John Powell on speed.
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