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    MikeH reacted to Unlucky Bastard in John Williams is the next guest on the Smartless podcast   
    The issue with Williams as an interviewee is he's not as candid as I'd like. He can't resist playing the role of a diplomatic showman who's overly mindful of his own PR, so he comes off as boring and evasive. I'd like to hear some Horner-style dirty laundry airing.
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    MikeH reacted to Brock Lovett in John Williams is the next guest on the Smartless podcast   
    "John, why did you edit Anakin's Dark Deeds? The JW Fan Network thinks you're some kind of idiot since the summer of 2005. We have King Mark here..."
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    MikeH reacted to IheartMelissaBenoist in James Horner: The Emotionalist (4-Volume biography by Jean-Baptiste Martin)   
    Yikes. As much as I think the product will be excellent, and I'd very much want to read all four volumes, I have a hard time trying to convince my poor wallet that I should buy one volume of a four-Volume work for around $160 USD. 
    I don't mean to belittle or attack anyone, nor their outstanding dedication and work that went into this, just stating my (poor person's) point of view. 
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    MikeH reacted to Erik Woods in James Horner: The Emotionalist (4-Volume biography by Jean-Baptiste Martin)   
    I've been looking forward to this for a very long time and I even support Jean-Baptiste on Patreon but there is no way I can afford $200 CND (including shipping) for the first volume of FOUR books. I mean, a complete set will cost $800!   I really want this, but not at that price, unfortuantely.
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    MikeH reacted to ThePenitentMan1 in Where Have All The Memorable Movie Themes Gone? Hollywood Composers Speak Out (New report on Slash Film)   
    I've heard it enough to know how it goes, but honestly, I'd pick HTTYD over it any day.  Now there's a real modern classic.
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    MikeH reacted to Bellosh in Where Have All The Memorable Movie Themes Gone? Hollywood Composers Speak Out (New report on Slash Film)   
    Three Jurassic World movies and a billion shit MCU flicks and I couldn't hum one theme from them.
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    MikeH reacted to Andy in John Williams canceled concerts 2024   
    Yes, precisely. Like Willy Wonka’s grandfather.  Just stay in bed. 
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    MikeH reacted to #SnowyVernalSpringsEternal in RIP Joeinar   
    Good morning.
    I woke up to a message from Joe's sister. He has died unexpectedly.
    Joe is one of the longest standing members of JWFan. Joining, i assume, in 1999 or 2000.
    We became friends and remained friends.
    Joe always claimed that when John Williams dies God would thank him personally for E.T.
    A score i will listen too a lot this weekend. 
    He is survived by his husband, and 2 Boston Terriers.
    Stefan Cosman 
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    MikeH reacted to Naïve Old Fart in The Best Planet of the Apes Composer   
    To be fair, THE LION IN WINTER is an absolute powerhouse of a score (and a top-5 Barry for me), and fully deserved to win the Oscar.
    Whether it deserved to win over PLANET OF THE APES is debatable.
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    MikeH reacted to Thor in The Best Planet of the Apes Composer   
    Poor souls.....
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    MikeH reacted to Marian Schedenig in The Best Planet of the Apes Composer   
    It's like polling for the best Star Wars composer.
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    MikeH reacted to Naïve Old Fart in The Best Planet of the Apes Composer   
    Come on. Really?
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    MikeH reacted to BB-8 in The Phantom Menace vs. Attack of the Clones vs. Revenge of the Sith   
    This may have been discussed elsewhere, but is anyone considering the Episode I rescreening early May 2024 (25th Anniversary)?

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    MikeH reacted to Thor in Danny Elfman's BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE (2024)   
    It had some problems, for sure, but it also had some spectacular elements that saved it for me -- the production design, the make-up, the performances of Tim Roth and Helena Bonham-Carter (in particular) and an amazing Elfman score. That's enough for me to give it a thumbs up.
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    MikeH reacted to karelm in Did Jerry Goldsmith really call John Williams “such a snob”?   
    It's common knowledge that Goldsmith was a chromogen not unlike Bernard Herrmann.  Marco Beltrami said that Goldsmith had a chip on his shoulder that he never found his Spielberg or Lucas which I thought was a dig at JW.  This sort of stuff isn't really that big a deal because it's so common.  We tend to compare ourselves to our peers rather than to ourselves and at the top levels like these two were, it can be fiercely competitive but doesn't mean that much.  It's sort of just an emotional response but if given a moment to think more clearly on it, I think Goldsmith would refine his criticism to more of a backhanded compliment.  When JG died, his daughter published online about 50 pages of a bio she was writing about her dad.  I think the book was either never completed or the project fell through, but I read it and she quoted JG commenting on many of his contemporaries.  Again, it wasn't personal, just chromogeny comments when comparing himself to others feeling he didn't get an award someone else did for something he felt was inferior, type of thing.  So what.  Saying it doesn't make it true and isn't insightful to what he even really means.
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    MikeH reacted to Cerebral Cortex in John Williams on Variety Cover (article & video)   
    I quite liked this post from a Reddit thread on the video:
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    MikeH reacted to Jurassic Shark in John Williams on Variety Cover (article & video)   
    Probably the main ideas.
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    MikeH reacted to enderdrag64 in John Williams on Variety Cover (article & video)   
    "People ask about a legacy, I don't think about [that] very much - I think I'm much too young to think about such things" - John Williams
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    MikeH reacted to JNHFan2000 in John Williams on Variety Cover (article & video)   
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    MikeH reacted to neumation in Neumation Music Publishing Updates   
    That’s in the works 
  22. Haha
    MikeH reacted to mstrox in Jerry Goldsmith's INCHON (1981) - 2024 Intrada 3-CD Complete   
    That Intrada… you give ‘em an Inchon they’ll take a mile.
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    MikeH reacted to crocodile in New Interview with John Williams reflects on the beginnings of his career, a lifetime in music, and his love for orchestras.   
    Really good interview. Glad they avoided every single pitfall that plague his interviews.
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    MikeH reacted to Loert in Fun thread: What JW piece would you choose to put on a new NASA golden record   
    It would have to be the finale of CE3K for me (and that's not because of the subject matter).
    EDIT: But if you want something shorter, I would go with "Welcome to Jurassic Park".
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