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    MikeH reacted to Cameron1138 in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - Isolated Score Track   
    Two of those had directors who seem to really respect the scoring process. I don't think it's a coincidence that he was able to write much better scores for TLJ and DoD than for TFA and TROS.
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    MikeH reacted to Faleel in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - Isolated Score Track   
    The Digital Bits is the Internet's leading source for DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and 4K Ultra HD industry news, reviews, analysis, and expertise!
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    MikeH reacted to DangerMotif in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny - Isolated Score Track   
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    MikeH reacted to mrbellamy in James Newton Howard - NIGHT AFTER NIGHT   
    I bet there are things about scoring bad movies that are more fun than good ones. And it's probably not that different to some degree. Like, the moment in "The Great Eatlon" when Giamatti realizes the guy with one buff arm is The Guardian, that's just a great setup for music whether you think it's actually a good scene or not. And on the flipside great art probably just feels like footage after awhile. 
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    MikeH reacted to Sweeping Strings in The Official David Arnold thread   
    'Alternative rock' artists provided 2 of the best - YKMN, and Garbage's The World Is Not Enough.  
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    MikeH reacted to Jay in James Newton Howard - NIGHT AFTER NIGHT   
    Physical CD:

    1     Signs: The Cornfield
    2     Signs: After You Were Born
    3     Signs: Hand of Fate
    4     The Village: Morning - James Newton Howard, Hilary Hahn, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
    5     The Village: Noah Visits - James Newton Howard, Hilary Hahn, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
    6     The Village: Ivy Saves Lucius - James Newton Howard, Hilary Hahn, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
    7     The Sixth Sense: Lonely Boy
    8     The Sixth Sense: Ghost in the House
    9     The Sixth Sense: Acceptance
    10     Lady in the Water: Prologue
    11     Lady in the Water: Charades
    12     Lady in the Water: Story
    13     Lady in the Water: Return to the Blue World
    14     Unbreakable: Survivor
    15     Unbreakable: Destiny
    16     The Last Airbender
    17     The Happening: An Event - James Newton Howard, Maya Beiser, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
    18     The Happening: Harbinger - James Newton Howard, Maya Beiser, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
    19     The Happening: Aftermath - James Newton Howard, Maya Beiser, Jean-Yves Thibaudet
    20     After Earth
    21     Flow Like Water
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    MikeH reacted to mrbellamy in James Newton Howard - NIGHT AFTER NIGHT   
    Very cool
    Now do another one together
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    MikeH reacted to Edmilson in James Newton Howard - NIGHT AFTER NIGHT   
    JNH is apparently releasing an album featuring his music from Shyamalan movies. He posted this on his Facebook:

    And this was his lastest release on Spotify:
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    MikeH got a reaction from bandtrumpet7 in James Horner's synths   
    I’d love to find his signature wind-chimes sample/patch (think Southampton and The Launch). Any ideas?
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    MikeH reacted to NL197 in James Horner's synths   
    My favorite synthesized effect Horner used was the 'air' effect, like a faint whistle in a huge amount of his scores, notably in "To Gillian on her 37th Birthday", "Deep Impact", "Braveheart", "The Forgotten" and many, many others. 
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    MikeH reacted to Jay in The Legacy of John Williams (Website & Podcast)   
    NEW EPISODE Soundtrack Producer Mike Matessino talks the expanded reissues of two impressive #JohnWilliams scores from 1997, THE LOST WORLD and AMISTAD, recently released by @LaLaLandRecords
    LISTEN http://tinyurl.com/ysabbudp
    Archival Soundtrack Producer Mike Matessino returns on The Legacy of John Williams podcast to discuss the remastered and expanded editions of two impressive scores from the Steven Spielberg/John Williams collaboration, recently released by La-La Land Records: THE LOST WORLD and AMISTAD.
    Mike Matessino sheds light on his restoration work on these seminal scores, both composed in the same year (1997), also offering his insightful comments on how they sits within John Williams' filmography. Project assistant Jason LeBlanc joins the episode as a special guest to further illuminate on the process of restoring these two releases and explaining his role assisting Matessino during their production.
    Hosted by Maurizio Caschetto and Tim Burden
    🎧 LISTEN 👉 tinyurl.com/ysabbudp
    Available on all major podcasting platforms!
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    MikeH reacted to Richard Penna in Barbie - Mark Ronson And Andrew Wyatt   
    I personally can't understand how this is so mystifying, really. Many scores have multiple ensembles for different types of scene (orchestra, soloists, etc) and it sounds like the number of active recording studios in L.A. is shrinking. The idea of having to go across town a few times to different places, depending on where's available and what they need on that particular occasion, doesn't seem even remotely strange to me. And that's without considering any pick-ups if they decided later in the process that they needed an additional bit of score for something.
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    MikeH reacted to Marc in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith   
    5m3 and 7m1  🎺 📯  
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    MikeH reacted to crocodile in James Horner's WINDTALKERS (2002) - NEW! 2023 3-CD Intrada Records   
    Listening to the set.  OK, there is indeed a lot of new stuff on here. I really liked the old album already, which had some good action music, but it is really surprising to experience this material in the context of the entire score. Some of the new stuff is way more aggressive than what we've heard before. Let's put it this way: the old CD felt like one of those anguished Horner drama scores, the new expanded set pushes it more into the action territory. It almost feels like something you would hear in a Medal of Honor video game. I think a lot of people will be really surprised by this shift. If anything, definitely a significant upgrade.
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    MikeH reacted to greenturnedblue in Star Wars: The Story in Music (2023 concert debuts new live pieces)   
    I would LOVE to hear an orchestra play the first minute or so of Battle Over Coruscant, with the staccato military-esque force theme and especially the Taiko drums 🥰
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    MikeH reacted to Sweeping Strings in James Bond is better than everything   
    A marvellous bit of fan art - 

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    MikeH reacted to karelm in Music theory question   
    Yes.  At 90+ years old, he's an encyclopedia of these chords and scales he's obsessed over for 80+ years.  I very much doubt scales and chords are something he has to put much thought into these days.  Here is an analogy.  Playing side by side with a professional level musician, they played a fiendishly exposed and difficult passage without breaking a sweat.  I asked, didn't playing that even make you nervous a little bit?  They said absolutely - but the items they were nervous about were no longer about hitting the right notes or rhythms.  They worked that all out over decades.  They were nervous about bringing something fresh and musical into something they had played thousands of times.  So, a beginner might be fretting over the obvious items like hitting the right note.  A mid level musician might focus just as much about tempo, phrasing, and dynamics but less worried they'll hit the right notes.  A professional level player might play the same passage now worried about doing the passage artistic justice and giving it the dynamic flare it needs though they've played it a thousand times.  At each level, the musician is stressing over the same passage and are working through issues but those aren't the same issues at all.  As a beginner you might think, it's crazy to imagine the pro doesn't have to worry about hitting the right notes.  They've moved past those obvious issues and are now focused on more nuanced challenges we might not even notice yet.  That is the analogy I'm making with JW.  He's at that point compositionally.  I seriously doubt he scratches his head wondering what that chord was or how to spell it because he's been doing that already for decades and now knows if I need something for a scene with a specific feel, C#min7+#9+#11 would work great right there.  Some would see this as it comes easy for him but it doesn't.  He just spent many, many years already working through the basic issues.  There are very few people in any capacity who will reach this level of accomplishment.  
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    MikeH reacted to MaxMovieMan in The Book Thief (2013) - New Williams film score!   
    "Learning to Read" is such an amazing track. And the main theme of this score is quite an ear worm IMO.
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    MikeH reacted to Edmilson in The Official James Horner Thread   
    1995 was by far the best year in James Horner's career. Braveheart, Apollo 13, Casper, Jumanji, Balto... He was on fire during the 90s.
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    MikeH reacted to Marian Schedenig in New Forbes interview with Mike Matessino about John Williams' career   
    "That F****** Title and Prologue"
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    MikeH reacted to Bellosh in New Forbes interview with Mike Matessino about John Williams' career   
    clickbait motherfuckers.
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    MikeH reacted to Jay in New Forbes interview with Mike Matessino about John Williams' career   
    Yeah I was shocked how short it was! It felt like it was just getting started, then it was over! 
  25. Haha
    MikeH reacted to rough cut in New Forbes interview with Mike Matessino about John Williams' career   
    Did they forget to post the full article?
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