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    MikeH reacted to Gustavo Joseph in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Score in the film) - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    I'm just so curious to listen to the NY piano-heavy chase music, sounded really interesting in the movie.
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    MikeH reacted to King Mark in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Score in the film) - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    Well I remember when people first saw Revenge of the Sith they were saying "no major cues or highlights were left off the OST"
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    MikeH reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Score in the film) - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    His "farewell" is omitting all the wonderful music you want from his OST, specifically because he knows it annoys you.
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    MikeH reacted to Tydirium in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Score in the film) - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    Just got back from seeing the film. I thought the score was fantastic! Definitely sounded like new recordings of most if not all of the existing material from the earlier films, which makes me all the more bummed that so much of it didn’t make it onto the OST. I actually really enjoyed all the reused stuff, and “Belly of the Steel Beast” for example was so cool to hear in a movie theater (TLC came out a few years before I was born).
    Based on some posts here and elsewhere, I was also bracing myself for not much Indy theme, but was pleasantly surprised; I thought his theme showed up in all the right places, and there were some really awesome renditions that, again, I wish had made it onto the album. Prior to seeing the film I had listened through the OST 4 times, so the stuff that wasn’t on it really stood out to me in the theater.
    Still, it was incredible hearing a John Williams score in theaters in 2023. (I’m ashamed to say I didn’t make it to see Fabelmans in theaters last year, so this was my first time hearing his music in the theater since TROS.) And I know some have had a tough time with Helena’s theme, but over the past 9 months it has become one of my favorite JW themes in a very long time, and its use in the film was pretty much everything I had hoped for. Archimedes’ theme was also a highlight. All in all, I’m very happy! Hoping to go see it again with a friend soon.
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    MikeH reacted to phbart in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Score in the film) - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    Finally got to see it last night. So many recognizable themes from the trilogy throughout the film. I wonder how many people in the theater were able to spot those themes 
    It's soooooooo satisfying to see this in the credits. 

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    MikeH reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Disney Records Original Soundtrack Album) - NO FILM SPOILERS!   
    Absolutely incredible interview! Mangold not just geeking out about working with Williams but providing genuine insight into their process and how involved Williams was. First time I've heard about him watching dailies while production was ongoing and formulating the score during production.
    Also fascinating is Mangold voicing his frustration at JW's initial soundtracks being so incomplete (and often filled with non-film cue suites), name-dropping LLL for coming to the rescue, while lamenting it takes 20+ years for JW scores to receive expansions. Mangold's one of us!
    He has enough clout to speak to LFL/WDR/JW about changing this situation (at least for the Indy scores) so let's hope conversations are happening in the background. But it might be a good time for everyone to dust off their Twitter accounts and tell him how badly we want these expanded...
    Mangold's exact comments for anyone who can't listen:
    "It's forever to my chagrin that they release these albums, you know the initial release, that are like 10 or 11 tracks of John's music... but there's always these suite versions of the music. And then later, 20 years later, they'll release the full La La Land Records 96 cue versions... you know, those are the things you gotta have because they have all this incidental stuff he does that's just... brilliant."
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    MikeH reacted to TheUlyssesian in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Disney Records Original Soundtrack Album) - NO FILM SPOILERS!   
    James Mangold: Johnny! Helena's theme is great. How about we do ONE theme for the bad guys and ONE theme for the mcguffin - like in the other films? 
    John Williams: Yes! Yes! Yes! (laughs manically)
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    MikeH reacted to mrbellamy in STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts   
    Going tonight! This is John Williams week, baby. 
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    MikeH reacted to igger6 in STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts   
    Couldn't find a thread for this specific topic, so here goes:
    Just got back from seeing TFA LTP at the Chicago Symphony last night.  Man, what a score to hear live!  My brother and I assumed our usual CSO practice of loitering on the main floor, enjoying the atmosphere and legroom, until the real buyers of our seats arrived—but this time, they never came!  So we enjoyed the whole movie from the fourth row!
    This was one of my last live Holy Grails among the available scores (Superman is still out there), and it was a delight.  The opening chord blew the socks off the version on the sequel trilogy OSTs, Rey's Theme finally managed to overpower the sound of her speeder, and I was actually able to perceive Scherzo for X-Wings during the bombing run.  The brass was fantastic as always, but Williams' action music for strings shone particularly brightly live (maybe because violins and cellos are about all you see from the main floor—but boy, do you see them!  We managed to recognize and compliment a cellist on his way out of an alley after the show.)  "Follow Me" and "The Falcon" were electric, and the live performance had a way of dragging this orchestrational novice into appreciating the athletic string figures that underpin the melody.
    Best of all, the unbelievable "Jedi Steps and Finale" (which nearly the entire house stayed to enjoy) ended with the revised—and apparently now, definitive—ending that's on John Morris Russell's "Voyage" recording, that bombastic and celebratory interpolation of Luke's theme into the usual fanfare that ends the finale in "A New Hope."  It's my favorite Williams revision of all time!
    If you ever have the opportunity to see TFA live, don't miss it.  This cemented that score as my favorite Williams work of the past 20 years. 
    Now do Phantom Menace with live choir, cowards!
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    MikeH reacted to crumbs in STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts   
    So interesting you had the same experience hearing TFA live as I did, @Ludwig.
    It was completely revelatory to my ears, like hearing an entirely different score in some cues. All the classic Star Wars-ian accents and flourishes you'd be forgiven for thinking were missing from the score, were abound in the live performance.
    That abrasively dry film recording did such a disservice to JW's score, which is rich with orchestral details that were buried, or lost entirely, in the mix.
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    MikeH reacted to crumbs in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (Score in the film) - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    As a diehard JW fan, the temp track love made the experience frustrating. Direct lifts from Minority Report, War of the Worlds, Tintin, and all 4 previous Indy films. I spent most of the film catching myself asking "where was that 3 second lift taken from?"
    I don't blame JW in the slightest, of course. These are immensely complex and time-consuming scores. The fact we still got nearly 2 hours of original score isn't lost on me. If that meant lifting a few bars from other scores, so be it. At the end of the day, Helena's Theme is the hero of the score and it shines the brightest. It's surrounded by a plethora of kickass and totally original music; I just wish the lifts weren't as blatant.
    Either way, much like the film, it's a melancholic affair. Knowing this is likely JW's final foray in film scoring. An overwhelming sense of sadness hit me during the credits, just sitting in a near-empty cinema wondering if this was the final time I'd ever hear new JW music in a theater. The film felt like closing a chapter in my life... and if that's the way JW goes out, then what a way to go.
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    MikeH reacted to Richard Penna in Vanity Fair article on John Williams (June 2023)   
    Hah, that's not something I'd expect from something of the profile of Vanity Fair. How many people have to proof an article without someone seeing that photo and thinking.... that's not JW 
  15. Haha
    MikeH reacted to pete in Vanity Fair article on John Williams (June 2023)   
    It's not even the guitarist!
  16. Haha
    MikeH reacted to Tom in Excerpt from Indy 5 OST track "New York, 1969" now streaming   
    Turns out, every track is titled "New York, 1969."  
  17. Haha
    MikeH reacted to Courtney Sees Ghosts in NYT: "John Williams on 'Indiana Jones' and His Favorite Scores" (6/24/23)   
    Scoring “The Rise of Skywalker” in 2019, after more than 40 years with “Star Wars,” Williams said he didn’t want it to be over. “My feeling was, ‘This is fun. Let’s go back and do nine more.’”

    Imagine if homie scores Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and James Mangold's movies. LMFAO
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    MikeH reacted to Archive Collection in Helena's Theme (for Violin and Orchestra) performed by Anne-Sophie Mutter released as a single   
    Same reason why, generally, some people are still wearing masks in public: They might be concerned about losing work (if they catch COVID), especially as session musicians who don’t always have a predictable and stable income. Some are older, have a weaker immune system or have other underlying conditions and want to take an extra precaution for themselves. I don’t see any issue with it, it’s a personal choice for them to make.
  19. Haha
    MikeH reacted to KK in John Williams video featurette for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny   
    You don't show your face around here for a bit and this is the respect I get...
    This is why I need you to defend my good name!
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    MikeH reacted to PokeDocMatt in Anyone here succumbed to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray?   
    I picked up 4k Avatar 1 and 2 for my home theater room. Started 1 tonight. I’m impressed at how well it has aged, from a technical/visual standpoint. There are so many gorgeous shots, it makes me wish Cameron would have lingered on them longer. Dolby atmos is enthralling from the first few seconds. Horner’s score is still goosebump inducing. When Jake first transfers to his Avatar and is running, I feel it with him, the new world that’s just been opened up to him. The score makes this Wizard of Oz esque about face, from black and white milataristic hopelessness, to full color audio, organic and full of life. 
    I can’t wait to watch Way of Water again. My first viewing at my rural, crappy, under-maintained theater was a let down. I’m sure the experience will be better at home. I think  Tom Cruise would even understand if he saw what I had to put up with at the local cinema… 
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    MikeH reacted to Courtney Sees Ghosts in John Williams video featurette for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny   
    I cannot fathom how anyone can get mad at anybody for an interview blurb. Kathleen Kennedy can call Spielberg Steve instead of Steven and y'all will act like she kicked your grandma, your puppy, and your groin in that order.
  22. Haha
    MikeH reacted to Bellosh in John Williams video featurette for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny   
    star wars fans go a thread without mentioning star wars challenge: impossible.
  23. Love
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    MikeH reacted to HunterTech in The Hans Zimmer Thead   
    The big problem with this discussion is that people refuse to engage with the actual information that exists. The artistry of the film composer is so romanticized here that the notion that it could be a team effort is not given any modicum of respect. I can understand being underwhelmed with the end result much of the time, but when you ignore times when the composing process and difficulties with the studio is actually discussed from credible sources, it speaks of someone who has a serious grudge instead of having any legitimate grievances with the system. If this sounds too unreasonable as an observation, then I really don't know what to say that wouldn't be us regurgitating the same points.
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    MikeH reacted to mstrox in The Hans Zimmer Thead   
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