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  1. John Williams - The Cowboys (still can't stop) Danny Elfman - Mission: Impossible Howard Shore - LotR: TTT CR
  2. OMG, this is SO exciting, I've always been a huge fan of the series! The Original MACGYVER - HD Remastered! I'm buying this the moment it comes out! The before and after comparison looks awesome even now, especially considering the crappy picture quality we have on the currently existing DVDs. And, last but definitely not least - I remember reading somewhere that LLL has been working on the box set of music from all 7 seasons. I mean, if that being released were to coincide with the Blu-ray set coming out ...
  3. Holy mother of God, that would have been magnificent! I'm well aware Elfman has done a lot of great work but somehow, this one has always been my favorite and the only one I keep listening to regularly. So definitely keeping my figers crossed for them to find the other half of the NOC list and release this baby sooner rather than later!
  4. I was just about to ask the same - I thought the original sountrack already had all the music used in the film? Well, apparently not. EDIT: Come to think of it - maybe bonus tracks simply means some alternate takes, film versions of cues or similar.
  5. Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.
  6. Boromir: My father is a noble man, but his rule is failing, and our people lose faith. He looks to me to make things right and I would do it. I would see the glory of Gondor restored. Have you ever seen it, Aragorn? The White Tower of Ecthelion, glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver, its banners caught high in the morning breeze? Have you ever been called home by the clear ringing of silver trumpets? Aragorn: I have seen the White City, long ago. Boromir: One day, our paths will lead us there. And the tower guard shall take up the call: "The Lords of Gondor have returned."
  7. Sorry to interrupt that discussion but I just can't stop marvelling at the way the Minas Tirith theme is played (after equally lovely attacca transition from Caras Galadhon/Lament for Gandalf) by solo horn and trumpet at the beginning of The Mirror of Galadriel on the LotR CR! So beautiful and poignant, and absolutely perfect for the scene between Aragorn and Boromir which the music accompanies.
  8. Indeed! I checked all my JRRT literature (LotR, Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, A Guide to Tolkien ...) but couldn't find Ilkorin mentioned anywhere. It's not even on Arda! (Unfortunately, I don't (yet) have the HoMe available to me.) Luckily, there is a short but very useful article on Wikipedia which provides a good starting point for further research (Kôr/Tirion, Ilkorindi etc.).
  9. Exactly. In 2000, it was orchestrated for the full symphony orchestra and recorded by the LSO.
  10. James Horner - Braveheart (LLL) James Horner - Patriot Games (LLL) George Martin - Live And Let Die
  11. Ah, damn If you find another site, do let us know!
  12. @Tomáš, this looks great, thank you very much for uploading your thesis! I have already downloaded it and I'm very much looking forward to reading it, might even print it actually! Thanks again.
  13. I just checked my own CD and everything seems to be fine. Maybe you should check with LLL to see whether they received any similar complaints?
  14. John Barry - Dances With Wolves (LLL) Trevor Jones - Cliffhanger (LLL) David Arnold - Die Another Day (LLL) Still keeping my fingers crossed for La-La Land to release more expanded Bond scores in the future ... Tomorrow Never Dies should be next!
  15. @Marian Schedenig, what's this all about?!? This product is no longer available. We’ve removed it from our assortment. Have a look around in our Shop, you’ll be sure to find something you like!
  16. Wow, this is really exciting! Being a long-time fan of de Meij's Symphony No. 1 and of LotR/Tolkien in general, I can't wait to hear this one. Work in Progress: Symphony No. 5! After 30 years, composer Johan de Meij revisits Middle-earth, the enchanting mythological world of J. R. R. Tolkien, with his Symphony No. 5 'Return to Middle-earth'. Although there are some thematic reminiscences to his monumental first symphony 'The Lord of the Rings' from 1988, de Meij is putting a completely different musical vibe into this new symphony. There is an important role for a solo
  17. Well said! That's why I really like the score of Licence to Kill.
  18. Couldn't have said it better myself! It's one of the finest TV soundtracks of all time.
  19. Do you think that Band of Brothers could/will eventually get an expanded release? How much more unreleased music do you think there is, if any at all? It's been a while since I've seen the series but being one of my favorites, I listen to the soundtrack regularly and would love to see an expanded/complete edition.
  20. - Jurassic Park - Pulp Fiction (new, Tarantino-approved HD transfer) - Independence Day (Extended Cut) Had tons of fun with all three, all the more so for not having seen them in quite some time.
  21. Alan Silvestri - Predator (Intrada 2012) John Debney - Cutthroat Island (LLL) Jerry Goldsmith - Executive Decision (VS 2016) Jerry Goldsmith - The Omen (VS 2016
  22. No, it's a single disc. This is it. And no, I don't have the Barry box - as a matter of fact, I wasn't even aware it existed until now.
  23. - Bond Back in Action 2 - Trevor Jones - Cliffhanger (LLL) - John Ottman - Superman Returns (LLL)
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