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  1. Superman III. Love it! A great and very effective combination of Williams and Thorne material. My favorite has always been the dark Superman sequence material (tracks 10-16 on the Blue Box CD 4).
  2. Here it is, in case anybody wants to watch it: https://www.digitalconcerthall.com/en/concert/51156 It also includes a great performance of Messiaen's Les offrandes oubliƩes.
  3. The Cowboys! Still really like it and can't help myself but feel sorry for The Duke in the end.
  4. From the arrangement and the sound of it, it might also possible that they didn't actually perform the Main Theme but rather a slower, choirless version of if which occurs at 4:25 in the Band of Brothers Suite Two on the original sountrack.
  5. Ron Goodwin/William Walton - Battle of Britain I have not yet seen the movie, but I have always highly enjoyed the score. IMO, Aces High March is one of the finest military marches ever written!
  6. I do what I do best, I take scores. You do what you do best, try to stop guys like me.
  7. The last performance of Symphonie fantastique I've heard was by Junge Deutsche Philharmonie back in March and it was AWESOME. It was a part of the orchestra's European tour and the same concert can still be seen e.g. in the Digital Concert Hall of the Berlin Philharmonic (I think it's even free of charge to watch).
  8. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Some fascinating (and difficult!) xylophone licks in Me Ol' Bamboo!
  9. I always pick the cheapest shipping option and so far, I have always received my orders really fast and delivered with DPD (which I from the beginning thought strange but after doing a little research, I discovered that DPDgroup is actually the international parcel delivery network of group state owned French postal service, La Poste).
  10. Here, I found it: Price drop on Colissimo Pick-up Station (France + Europe) and Colissimo Europe. New deliveries with Colissimo : Estonia, Hungary, Lettonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Danemark, Poland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Chypre, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Malta, Norway, Romania.
  11. I can also see that the Soundtrack Corner still doesn't have The Cowboys in stock while I have already received it from the Music Box. In their last newsletter just this week, Music Box have said that their shipping prices to a number of European countries will be lower from now on!
  12. You mean to say you can pre-order them? Well, you can do the same at the Music Box! Plus, I think Soundtrack Corner's prices are usually higher. I just went to randomly check and as I can see, The Cowboys cost 34,95 EUR at the Soundtrack Corner and 30,95 EUR at the Music Box.
  13. Not at all obvious to me, and I've been myself playing in a symphony orchestra for 15+ years. I would definitely never have identified it as such myself. It is obvious, however, that it was the new mix by Matessino that brought it out, since the thing can't be heard on the old 1994 VS edition at all - or at least, I can't hear it even with my old and faithful AKG K 272 HD cans - which BTW revealed to me that something definitely creaks during the french horn solo at 0:41 in The Hands Quit!
  14. These guys are great! I've been buying all my specialty label soundtracks exclusively from them for a while now and so far, their service has been impeccable. Compared to what I used to pay when ordering my CDs directly from the US, their prices are very competitive, plus they usually get all the special editions in stock real fast, so there's no considerable waiting time. They also have a pretty good stock of used and/or rare CDs. All in all, definitely my favorite internet soundtrack retailer as of late.
  15. The Cowboys - again, I know but I just can't stop it, the thing sounds as if it were recorded yesterday!
  16. This time, I wanted just the symphonies - plus, like I said, it was a real bargain. Now, I need to obtain several other "Complete Symphonies of ..." box sets, primarily Mahler, Shostakovich and Vaughan Williams.
  17. I wonder if anybody has noticed, but at 0:26 in the very first track (Overture), there seems to be a funny "blip" kind of sound. It does fall (roughly) on the second beat of that particular measure and it does seem to be (roughly) in tune but I find it very unusual, having no place in the score and the orchestra. Anybody have any idea what that might be? Or maybe just a bug flew in my ear.
  18. Well, I don't know about that since I haven't heard those (yet), but if you say so ...
  19. I must say I always liked his interpretations, and not only of Beethoven; he is undoubtedly a very fine conductor. I also thought his approach to recording the Beethoven cycle was admirable: "I waited a very long time to record the Beethoven symphonies. I waited for the music to mature in me - or me in it [...]." So when I found the box set for a very reasonable price, I didn't hesistate for long. So far, I have only managed to listen to the Pastorale - which is excellent.
  20. - Beethoven - The 9 Symphonies (Staatskapelle Berlin/Daniel Barenboim) - Diana Krall - Turn Up the Quiet
  21. He's a great guy, relaxed and very friendly. I met him at the Barbican in London; before one of LSO's film music concerts which also featured his music, there was a pre-concert talk with him after which he was happy to sign some autographs. I've brought quite a few CD booklets and I remember him saying "Whoa, you've got a whole collection here" or something to that effect. He asked me my name and actually spontaneously personalized my Casino Royale booklet, writing: To Tine - I know your name!
  22. Absolutely agreed! I hope/think we can actually expect an extended/complete edition to come out at some point in the future, preferably by LLL.
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