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  1. Two action classics: 48 Hrs. and Another 48 Hrs., one after the other. Still like and enjoy both! Great performances by Murphy and Nolte and I also really like Andrew Divoff's villain (Cherry Ganz) in the second movie.
  2. I know it's become an old favourite by now but when I stumbled across it, I just couldn't help myself!
  3. I know it'll be controversial to say but this is actually one of my favourite Horner soundtracks.
  4. I'm aware of its somewhat notorious reputation, but personally, I've always liked it. Especially early action cues (The Adventures of Mutt, The Journey to Akator, A Whirl Through Academe) are a joy to listen to. It's an Indy and a JW score after all!
  5. One of the more recent and quite fascinating discoveries. A distant cousin to Strauss's Eine Alpensinfonie or to Liszt's Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne.
  6. Sounds TOTALLY like a description of this cue!
  7. So sorry to learn that the great David Maslanka has passed away. To me, his Symphony No. 5 for concert band has always been and remains one of the most amazing symphonic masterpieces ever written.
  8. Sure thing, only there's something else which I hadn't noticed before: it's Symphony of Sorrowful Songs (not Souls).
  9. Cool! Newton Howard (I actually have the regular edition from 1995) and Silvestri for me, please. I'm still hoping for somebody to re-release JNH's Alive from 1993, I think it's a beautiful score which definitely deserves deluxe treatment.
  10. Yeah, time sure does fly ... I've had my own "JWFan 10th anniversary" a month ago and I couldn't believe it - been frequenting this forum for a decade and by the time I finally joined, I had already been following and reading it for at least 5 years. Irreparabile tempus fugit ...
  11. Zimmer's Gladiator. It was my late Dad's favourite movie and he really liked the score too, so we played Now We Are Free at his funeral.
  12. My opinion EXACTLY! That is also why I really don't like the JP main theme as featured on e.g. JW Greatest Hits 1969-1999 compilation where it's a version recorded with the Boston Pops in May 1995. This is music that definitely loses its majestic, almost reverent character and quality if played too fast. And yeah, I was in London on November 26th, 2016 too. Totally AWESOME and unforgettable.
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