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  1. If the sheet music counts too, I bought the Carmina Burana study score today.
  2. These last days, The Blue Box is my mother, father, sister, girlfriend, job, food and drink, so to speak. Does anybody know the feeling?
  3. The other is very probably Dawson's Creek and the third Sex and the City, which are of course just song compilations with the series' main title - if that - but most of them'll fight you anytime that these are real, serious soundtracks.
  4. Seconded. I really enjoy that one, it's particularly cool to listen to it in the car, with Runaway being the most appropriate track. I'd also like to hear Giacchino, but also Elfman, he's done a terrific job on e. g. Mission: Impossible, so I think he'd do more than good.
  5. It was only today that I discovered that Jones's stuff on CD 7 is actually also very good. :roll: I also really like his take on JW's Main Title.
  6. Part of The Crane from Abyss is similar to Main Title from Predator.
  7. It's an import, probably from the UK, that's also why it's quite expensive, and they only have two in stock at the moment.
  8. Oh yeah. The Raiders March power anthem style. Done with synths, of course.
  9. Those, complete Moonraker and the complete Back to the Future trilogy remastered & expanded box (the Blue Box treatment).
  10. Yeah, that's hillarious, if I have a bad day, all I have to do is put that score on and everything lightens up at once Though, where did you get that CD, off eBay? It's been sold out for ages on Varese's website.
  11. But you don't understand, they're only serious film music fans and collectors, while we're probably supposed to be a bunch of ass-raming uncle-f***ers over here.
  12. Batman. Brings back many fond memories, and of course a terrific Elfman score.
  13. Picked up Batman, Batman Returns and Imagine today and paid less than 20 € for all three.
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