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  1. Perhaps, my next order should be Conti and the forthcoming 4 CD set. :roll:
  2. It is, IMHO one of the finest Horner's achievements of the 90s. Since you have access to used copies, they are probably a dime a dozen, so you really don't have an excuse not to buy it. Really, it's a good soundtrack (yes, yes, with all the Hornerisms, obviously ), so why not add it to your collection.
  3. Well, it is in a way, since it's subtitled A Chronicle of Great Film Music 2003-2008.
  4. Well, I don't. At least most of them. I'll certainly buy that set. 19 $ is about 12,5 € at the moment, and most new single CDs cost around 20 €. Sooo ...
  5. Too late, they already have it. That pretty much puts and end to this thread eh? Yep, seems like it.
  6. This is going to be sooo great! And it's not even limited! And what a bargain, 4 CDs for under $19! Way to go, Varese Sarabande!
  7. Hm, but the music is certainly not, at least in my opinion.
  8. I really wonder why I always though that your collection was about ten times as large as that How many CDs are there, and how many by JW (legit ones)? I know I could've counted them myself, but I'm sure you'll be faster than that.
  9. Haha It's good to read at least something humorous each day, it makes your life longer and more fun ...
  10. No more obvious Battle on the Ice rip-off than the scene in King Arthur.
  11. 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was on TNT tonight, and then I hear the news ...
  12. And just tonight, 2001 was on TNT ... Requiescat in pace.
  13. Thanks, it's the first I've heard of it, I'll be glad to check it out.
  14. Is anybody familiar with the wind music of the spanish composer Ferrer Ferran? He seems to be quite prolific ...
  15. Superman: The Movie, yesterday with my girlfriend, who hasn't seen it for years, a decade perhaps.
  16. Can you elaborate which part of Troy resembles which part of VW?
  17. That's the Barry Bond score I like most on the album. I always knew Goldfinger was great. But when I got this one, I was shocked at how great it is. Yes sir, it is indeed a masterpiece, and not just because of tons of great music, but also due to the fantastic remastering job, the bloody thing sounds like it's been recorded just yesterday. JNH's Vertical Limit.
  18. I think of Red Heat, The Hunt for the Red October and perhaps Ivan the Terrible.
  19. Beati pauperes spiritu quoniam ipsorum est regnum caelorum.
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