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  1. Just being curious - how many CDs are there in those pics? And how could you have afforded them all, as well as a great PC, iPod etc., but you ran out of money for The Blue Box?! :( Joke, joke.
  2. Wow, what an outstanding collection, Erik Woods! I'll probably never manage to collect so many CDs in my life ... :( But nowhere can I see The Blue Box, how come?! I'll post some of my own pics during the weekend when I get home.
  3. Very sad news. Sit ei terra levis.
  4. I absolutely adore Mr Wint and Mr Kidd's theme every time they appear in Diamonds Are Forever.
  5. Man, you'd almost think that Williams is even worse than Horner when it comes to plagiarism ... Exactly. I guess I'd do it myself if I were a composer, if nothing else, just for the fun of it every now and then.
  6. Man, that's some serious scary stuff. Especially when one can't resist watching all the other related videos. :blink:
  7. Looks like my next order from SAE will be Heavy Metal and the complete 2 CD Alien. What a couple!
  8. Well, OK then. Though probably a leitmotif is theoretically speaking supposed to be shorter than a theme, such as being only one or two bars long, whilst themes are usually longer and take anywhere from several to 16 or more bars ... At least I always thought of those two terms in that way.
  9. My Blue Box hasn't arrived yet so I can't check out Ursa Flies Over Moon, but if you're talking about the percussion that plays leading up to the 'guilty' sentence it appears to be a bass drum, muffled drum and a log played with sticks. Hm, it sounds to me as if it's one drum only, not three being played simultaneously. Wait for your set to arrive, listen to the mentioned part of the track and then we'll discuss it further. @ MrScratch: How can you be so sure?
  10. I started watching Superman Returns at least two or three times so far, but couldn't do it, since I'm too used to the characted being so perfectly portrayed by Chris Reeve. All the same, I'm interested in the movie and also want to see Spacey's take on Luthor, so I hope I manage to be able to see the whole thing one day. I'd just have to be able to turn the used-to-Reeve "function" off inside my head, but I'm not sure if I can do that ...
  11. Yeah, there's quite a lot to be afraid of ...
  12. I guess not, isn't it too long to still be considered as a leitmotif - long enough to be considered as a theme?
  13. OK, this will be difficult, but temptare non nocet. So, in no particular order: 1. Harry's Wondrous World 2. The Planet Krypton 3. Leaving Home 4. Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye 5. Main Title and First Victim 6. Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner 7. Prelude and Main Title (Superman: The Movie) 8. Main Title/The Ice Planet Hoth 9. Prologue (JFK) 10. The Chairman's Waltz 11. Sayuri's Theme 12. Fawkes the Phoenix 13. Recollections (The Father's Theme) 14. Setting the Trap 15. Journey to the Island 16. Main Title (The Cowboys) 17. The Visitors/"Bye"/End Titles: The Special Edition 18. The Dance of the Witches 19. Presenting the Hook 20. You Are the Pan Whew! Making lists such as this one can prove to be more exhaustive than it seems ...
  14. Matilda by David Newman, received it today at last (together with Viva Zapata!/The 13th Letter, which I haven't yet had the time to listen to).
  15. One of my favourite moments is the use of the Kryptonite motive in Luthor's Lethal Weapon, and also other uses of this great motive. Also different uses of Seduction of the Ring theme in the LotR movies (OK, that's not a leitmotif anymore ).
  16. In the last few days, I bought/received: - David Newman - Matilda - Alex North - Viva Zapata!/The 13th Letter - Alex Poelman - Symphony No. 1 'The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World' for symphonic band - Gustav Holst, arr. Geert Schrijvers - The Planets Op. 32 for symphonic band
  17. I'm also very disappointed, the news somewhat diminished my shining happiness while listening to The Blue Box whilst checking out the JWFan forums, but in spite of the situation being desperate as it is, I still keep a glimmer of hope. Hope springs eternal, gentlemen.
  18. In these past days, I visited the Frankfurt Musikmesse music fair. They of course also had tons (and I mean tons!) of great sheet music, but I only wanted to mention that I bought two very interesting CDs, one is complete Holst's The Planets arranged for concert band (a great arranging job, sadly not so great a recording (it's a live one )) and the second is the first symphony by Alex Poelman, Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Haven't yet had the time to check it out thoroughly, but it looks very promising.
  19. If I remember correctly, Troy quotes from Braveheart's love theme at some time, but I don't have the scores anywhere near at the moment, I'll try to elaborate later.
  20. I like the II and III so much that I "can't" progress to IV. A few more days. Despite being a percussionist, I can't imagine what instrument is used (and how is it played) to produce a weird "flapping" sound that is particularly prominent already in the first movie in the Krypton villains trial sequence, but can probably be heard most clearly in II, track 6, first part (Ursa Flies Over Moon), 0:47-1:06. Can anybody help me with that?
  21. Back to Superman The Movie today. Also some II.
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