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  1. Back to Superman The Movie today. Also some II.
  2. I think that better idea than to speculate here would be to simply e-mail SAE and ask them what the expected delivery time to your location is. You could've also asked here ...
  3. That is a minor ongoing fear of mine - well spiders (*shudder*) popping out from anywhere is enough, but bitten from below... doesn't bear thinking about. It may seem hillarious, but actually some time after hearing that news, I checked the toilet thoroughly every time before seating on it ... ;)
  4. But it's fabuolous as published in The Blue Box. Otherwise, watched Superman III. Ah, the memories ... And I ADORE the Main Title (The Streets of Metropolis)!
  5. Currently, I'm so facinated with The Blue Box, that possibly all those 20 tracks would be from the first four Superman movies from that box.
  6. When I buy all the soundtracks I want, I'll progress to scores. Honestly, first, I want to make my CD collection as extensive as possible and then I'm on to other things. I otherwise have quite a few study scores, but at the moment, none by JW. Tomorrow, I'm travelling to Frankfurt to Musikmesse 2008 for a couple of days and if maybe I can find a Williams score or two there, I'll definitely get them.
  7. I absolutely adore Superman II and III, who would've thought they're such marvellous scores?!? Haven't yet made it to IV, as I'm going to enjoy the first three for some more time, then I'm on to IV, positively can't wait.
  8. Yes. You can check his site here. Thank you. I also adore Scheherazade. Just last week, I've bought a study score of it and am now immersing myself fully into this compositional and orchestrational treasure. ;)
  9. Neither did I, and may it stay that way. :cool: Though I think we've already had several bites in Slovenia so far, once, somebody was bitten from beneath the toilet seat ...
  10. Is Michael Torke the guy who wrote Javelin, which appears on the 1996 Summon the Heroes CD?
  11. A documentary about John Lennon, issued with the local newspaper (I'm also a huge Beatles fan ).
  12. For me too! :spiny: "If at first you don't succeed, Mr Wint ..." "Try, try again, Mr Kidd."
  13. I imagine he must be good at what he's doing, but IMHO, there's no place for his stuff on film music soundtracks. I listened once to the first half-minute of his remix on the PotC soundtrack and that was enough of trance music for me to last me a lifetime.
  14. If you're feeling like the Helen of Troy, don't. :spiny:
  15. LOL To be sure - I'm extremely happy that I bought the set, which is definitely too good to be true, it's only that if the book didn't fell apart, it would've been as an icing on a cake. But of course, the book can still be read even after it has fallen apart, so if SAE won't be issuing any replacements, no big deal for me personally, though I suspect some won't be satisfied so easily.
  16. Jesus H. Christ, those pics look dreadful! My booklet is luckily not yet in such bad condition and I hope it doesn't ever get there, but how can I be sure ... Did you consider sending those pics also to SAE? It might be a good idea so they'll see for themselves that the situation is in fact alarming ... Though judging by the numbers of defective booklet-related posts at their board, there's a good possibility that someone has sent them his/her own pics already ...
  17. How wouldn't she, she's after all like the third female (active) member of this board after Saxbabe and JWFanGirl92.
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