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  1. Then I must have been lucky, because I was also fast to order the set once it came out but my booklet cover is totally toothy!
  2. This is the condition my book is in, and I must say I've always been very careful with it: Seen as how now SAE apparently ships better quality/bound books, do you guys think I could maybe still ask them for replacement, even though I bought The Blue Box when it originally came out in February 2008?
  3. And how is the book quality these days? Almost 10 years ago when The Blue Box originally came out and I received mine (early March 2008), I was the one to start the conversation about the poor book binding quality: The only weakness of the box I've managed to discover so far is the somewhat poor book binding. Although I've only managed to read first 30 or so pages of my book and handled it ever so carefully, the binding is already kind of starting to come apart. Has anybody else also experienced this? Sooner or later, everybody's books more or less fell apart and mine is still in the same condition today. I know that they were sending out some replacements later but I kind of never bothered with it.I have the PDF however so I can at least read it on my laptop, phone, tablet ...
  4. By all means do! I've had it for years and I'm still perusing it frequently. What a masterpiece!
  5. Actually, Maxwell Davies' 8th symphony was commissioned by the British Antarctic Survey and intended to commemorate the 50th anniversary of RWV's score for the film and the 7th symphony which he later fashioned out of that score.
  6. The Martian, finally. Good stuff, maybe somewhat overlong and occassionally predictable, but overall, a good achievement. Solid performance by Damon.
  7. Yeah, me too. As noble, profound and moving as it gets.
  8. I beg to differ - to me, 4th is his absolute best and one of the greatest symphonies of all time, particularly the first movement. But hey - to each his own, of course.
  9. This is still a helluva medley with an excellent arrangement and well played. It's great to hear a live version of Night at the Opera from QoS and be rewarded with a rare glimpse of a bass flute!
  10. Danny Elfman - Mission: Impossible Some great musical moments here.
  11. And WOW - Adele is again rumored to write and perform the Bond 25 theme song, how about that?!
  12. Well it wasn't the same role!
  13. Executive Decision has long been one of my JG favourites and so it's clear where my vote went. So I was also really happy to finally see the proper deluxe edition come out in 2016, although there is also a very good bootleg on 2 CDs which even contains source music (such as the classical piece playing in the London restaurant before the suicide bomber blows himself up).
  14. He was absolutely perfect for his role of a 'man of a million faces' and created an unforgettable character. Nobody could have done it better! RIP
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