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  1. Ah, lucky you ... Too bad that JW seemingly didn't even think of coming back to the Barbican for the last 10 years or so ...
  2. Thank you, robthehand. When did this come out? Interestingly enough, it's still available (though limited to 2000 copies) and if it lingers around for a couple of more months, I may even consider ordering it ...
  3. I wholeheartely agree. To this day, it remains my absolutely favourite cue from all the HP soundtracks and many times I listen to it several times at once. Definitely it's an incredibly richly orchestrated piece of music and also a trademark JW composition in Maestro's very best style. I love that piece of music! Otherwise, my personal favourite part is 3:23-3:57.
  4. Probably a stupid question, but what soundtrack is FSM BOX 01?
  5. That's a funny story. Did your Dad jump too? Better watch out what music you're listening to when driving ... Of course, Ben Gardner's Boat is undoubtedly also as suitable an example as any.
  6. That makes two of us ... But well, I'm doing my best, and, undoubtedly, so are you. As Ovidius once wrote: Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas! Anyway, I knew I had to have the Superman box as soon as I first heard of it, regardless of the price.
  7. Yes, I also immediately thought of that, as well as Horner's FaceHuggers from Aliens. That incredible violin harmonics stuff (which I'm not sure how it was notated and performed) all but dies, when at 0:35 tam-tam enters with fff immediately dampened hit that can blast the speakers apart. Incredible, fantastic. Also some other Aliens tracks have pretty decent stings in them, which can scare the sh*t out of an unprepared listener.
  8. Beautifully written. But then, dreams do come true from time to time ... Yes indeed!
  9. Yeah, that would've been fantastic, but I seriously doubt it's going to happen anytime soon, after these 2003 remastered and/or expanded 007 soundtracks ...
  10. Yes indeed. My bad. Of course, every aspiring composer should study as many scores as possible by two of the greatest orchestrators ever - Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov and Maurice Ravel.
  11. Really superb interview. Hope Matessino and Kendall keep up the great work for many years (and soundtracks) to come.
  12. These two have risen past their MV training. I agree. Let's hope some more "MV boys" follow in their footsteps.
  13. I also seriously considered getting Conti, but my poor MasterCard would't live throught that, the 8-disc Supes set and some more stuff I got from Amazon several days earlier. So I'll order it next month, if it'll still be around at that time. I certainly hope for the best.
  14. Me too, usually some Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Diana Krall or maybe even Harry Potter Jazz.
  15. Can you name some more besides Klaus Badelt, who's probably the best example?
  16. Exactly. But we all know how he "successfully" solves the problem, don't we?
  17. So far, I haven't encountered such problem and I don't expect to any time soon. I agree that nowadays, we have a lack of great composers and great soundtracks (with some exceptions to the rule, of course), but personally, I'm somehow content with listening to hundreds of old(er) soundtracks I never get tired of. I know exactly what you mean. It is my opinion that we "real", devoted film music lovers begin to listen to it almost too analitically after some time and sometimes we go so far that we begin to hear certain things that aren't always there at all. It's certainly true for myself, so much more for being a musician, thus developing a professional deformation of some sort. But usually, sooner or later I succeed in taking my mind off it and just enjoy the music, although I of course still consciously marvel over orchestrations, performances etc. A very interesting thread, Mark, and a very complex issue.
  18. Then what was the point of using him? Because of the voice maybe ... One year after shooting Raiders of the Lost Ark with friendly Spielberg, and being the film's writer's husband? OK, I understand all that, but to use him and then never actually show him ... OK, I'll take it it was an in-joke of some kind or whatever. Forget my stupidity. However, I've never heard of this scene before. Interesting.
  19. Many of JW stuff that many of you already mentioned, as well as e. g. Goldsmith's work on Executive Decision (I have the 2 CD complete score).
  20. Then what was the point of using him? Because of the voice maybe ...
  21. How come there's no T4 entry on IMDb yet? And who'll be playing the T-800 if not Ahnold (who will certainly not be reprising the role)?
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