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  1. Then what was the point of using him? Because of the voice maybe ...
  2. How come there's no T4 entry on IMDb yet? And who'll be playing the T-800 if not Ahnold (who will certainly not be reprising the role)?
  3. I'm willing to bet that Mastilda will go first. In fact, I'm a little bit surprised that there are still copies, and apparently quite a few, or we'd get the "Fewer than ___ copies remaining" message.
  4. Do it so you'll have an excuse to get Touch. I just watched Superman the Movie few days ago and I must say that it's not such horror in the movie, but to listen to the film version with the monologue on the CD is a real punishment.
  5. Also: Wagner - The Ring of Nibelungs cycle Strauss - Thus spake Zarathustra Strauss - symphonic poems (Alpine Symphony, Till Eulenspiegel, Götterdammerung ...)
  6. I read in some FAQ (perhaps on Superman Cinema) that they (SAE) intend to start shipping on 29th, but that they can't 100 % ensure that at the moment.
  7. Nice examples, pi. Some more I'd add: - Rimski-Korsakov - Scheherazade - Vaughan Williams - Symphony No. 7 'Sinfonia Antartica' - Copland - El Salón México - Mussorgski - Pictures At an Exhibition (Ravel's orchestration) - Ravel - Boléro - de Meij - Symphony No. 1 'The Lord of the Rings' (for symphonic band) - Van der Roost - Sinfonietta, suito-sketches for symphonic band (obviously also for symphonic band) - Picqueur - Symphony No. 0 (also for symphonic band) These spring to mind immediately, however there are sure many more.
  8. And I forgot to mention Joe Hisaishi's magnificent symphonic poem Nausicaä, which I'm listening to at this very moment.
  9. Good point ... Let's hope for the best (ie. that everything arrives whole and unbroken ...).
  10. Usually I'll listen to Vaughan Williams's Sinfonia Antartica, some Chopin and Mozart stuff, Holst's Venus or Neptune, maybe some Adiemus or Diamond Music by Jenkins etc. Some soundtracks are also appropriate.
  11. Good thinking. I think that Giacchino is up for one of 'em Oscars sooner or later.
  12. Living in Europe, I'll probably receive my set somewhere in mid-March ... But I'll live, I've had to wait for so many magnificent soundtracks already (and for quite longer than that) that I've already developed kind of nonchalant attitude towards it.
  13. Ordered Matilda and Viva Zapata!/13th Letter.
  14. This year, nothing special's happening IMHO, so I'm gonna sleep it over (the ceremony starts at 2:30am in this time zone) and look up the winners and losers tomorrow.
  15. IMHO, Giacchino and Beltrami are the most deserving this year. One way or the other, just a few more hours and we'll know.
  16. Also Before the Rain by Anastasia, some Varese CD Club CDs (such as Alfi Kabiljo's The Sky Bandits) and Toto's Dune.
  17. Yes, I've heard that too, though I don't remember why he didn't end up doing it.
  18. Being roused by the Blue Box, I watched Superman the Movie yesterday, planning on watching the II today. Also, gotta go to the cinema one of these days to finally see Sweeney Todd.
  19. To me, John Williams will always be a definition of what a film composer really is and should do to make film music a perfect and unmissable accompaniment of the motion picture. In a career as long as his, there were sure moments and/or scores he could've done better and I'm sure he's also aware of that himself, but those opportunities are IMHO absolutely dwarfed by all those other immense successes which he achieved and which will forever be a part of film and music history. I daresay that in the decades to come, nobody will be completely able to successfully fill his shoes and repeat the outstanding work that he did. Perhaps we will not have another "John Williams" in future 50 or 100 years, but we're happy to enjoy his music in this time, as it is being written and recorded, and I try to cherish and enjoy that to the full.
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