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  1. I'd sure have liked one too, but 200 $ was over the top for me too. But no doubt some eBay stockers are again going to make some extra money from it some time from now ...
  2. Ordered Superman the Music 8 CD blue box from SAE and Vaughan Williams's Sinfonia Antartica and Karl Jenkins's Diamond Music from Amazon.
  3. Definitely Scherzo. I whistle that sometimes to myself when in a real hurry, being late to an appointment or something like that.
  4. Right you are, I forgot to mention him.
  5. As soon as I placed my order, paying with Credit Card, I received a mail from SAE confirming the order. Me too, got an e-mail 30 seconds or so after the final order confirmation (also paid with credit card). Thanks for info, Olivier.
  6. Clemmensen's OK, though he's a bit extreme from time to time IMHO. Some names that come to mind immediately are e. g. Jeff Bond, Mike Matessino, Nick Redman, Doug Adams etc., though now I'm talking more about the guys doing the detailed CD booklet soundtrack breakdowns, which is the approach that I so deeply love.
  7. You've got the point, though I think that Jaws - 25th Anniversary Edition's sound quality is quite acceptable, don't you?
  8. Same here, if it makes you feel any better. When will this start shipping, on 28th? (I ordered from Screen Archives.)
  9. I wouldn't buy a box with the Elfman Spider-Mans, but I'd definitely buy this. Count me in. Also a great idea by Ray Barnsbury.
  10. I agree. Personally, I own and immensely enjoy both Jaws (25th Anniversary) and Jaws II CDs. Sure, you can't miss with either of them, but Jaws is truly that eternal classic.
  11. Yeah, you definitely should, looks like you could finish as rich as Bill Gates couple of years from now!
  12. Thanks for pointing that out! But why does it only go on sale on February 28th there instead of today? Oh yeah, almost every time I order something (usually CDs or books) from USA (which is at least several times a year), I get taxed. Customs charges, 20 % or 8,5 % VAT and some post charges. But the "funny" thing is that even after all these expenses, I usually manage to save a little something as opposed to our prices in Slovenia. So yeah, the $/€ relationship is certainly a good thing for us. Please copy his reply here when you receive it, willya?
  13. He also played piano for Henry Mancini.
  14. Can you post a link to that? 8O Guys, stop guessing, better wait those 5 days that are left and let ourselves be surprised once more.
  15. OK, when listening to stuff like Dream Theater or Symphony X, the chewing is somewhat less of a problem, I'll admit that.
  16. I also started watching Keeping Up Appearances again. Terrific stuff.
  17. Hook - Prologue Psycho - Prelude Home Alone - Holiday Flight The Omen - 666 (on Deluxe Edition) Dances With Wolves - TwoSocks (The Wolf Theme) and Ride To Fort Hays (exactly 2:00 8O) For Your Eyes Only - Cortina and Unfinished Business/Bond Meets Kristatos LotR - FotR - Three Is Company and Orthanc Chocolat - Vianne Sets Up Shop Certainly there's lots more, but let that be it for the time being.
  18. Johan de Meij's Symphony No. 3 - 'Planet Earth' (both original - wind symphony and symphonic version). Great stuff.
  19. Exactly, mere days before the concert (to which I was able to come) JW finished work with LSO for SW: RotS and left for USA, 'cause he had no time left to conduct that concert. Real bad luck. I'm from Europe too, been to London on LSO film music concert twice already, but the odds of seeing Williams conduct there some time again now seem close to zero. 8O And I too can't afford the trip to USA, whilst JW could come to London twice a day if he wanted ...
  20. For the very same reason I usually avoid eating when listening to tha muzak.
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