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  1. Got 'em, they're both magnificent! What a great after-New-Year's present! Flying to London today, expecting to buy some more great stuff there ...
  2. Two classics: The Omen, to be closely followed by The Exorcist.
  3. 392. He has never travelled to or gave a concert in the continental Europe. ()
  4. Stopping at my post office tomorrow to finally pick up those two VS Soundtrack Club CDs that I ordered (North By Northwestand Magic Fire).
  5. Amen to that! The RotK CR are truly magnificent , and the circle is finally complete. Yeah!
  6. Everything the very best in 2008 to everybody! May the art of film music be graced with as many excellent achievements as possible this year!
  7. Of course I'm interested, but I'm not sure how exactly we could meet, i. e. how would you know that I'm Maglorfin and how'd I know that you're Jim Ware. The other thing is, I'm not sure when we'd meet. I really don't know where anything is in Barbican, although I was able to find my seat on that JW concert three years ago. Perhaps I could give you my mobile phone number and we'd be able to find each other somehow in Barbican? Otherwise, we (me and four other concertgoers from Slovenia) are flying to London tomorrow evening. We're all very much looking forward to the concert (and to visiting London itself, of course).
  8. Neimoidian, that Kilar stuff looks great, I bet it sounds the same! My two VS Club latest CDs are waiting for me at the post office, but I haven't had the time to pick them up yet, those days are incredibly busy with the last pre-new-year's-concert practice sessions with my orchestra. I guess I'll be picking them up on Thursday or Friday.
  9. There's also some very cool sounding percussion stuff (although no percussion only tracks) in Conti's For Your Eyes Only, mainly in tracks Gonzales Takes a Dive and Ski...Shoot...Jump... And that 007 is also partially set in Greece (Corfu and Meteora, to be precise).
  10. And so I'm offering this simple phrase to all from one to ninety-two, although it's been said many times, many ways - merry Christmas to you!
  11. I guess The Bee Movie would be as appropriately cute as any - though I haven't seen it yet.
  12. Could've been, but I'd like it on the CD all the same.
  13. Indeed a very inspired and impressive performance by such a young orchestra. Also great interpretation and musicality. Bravo! What Marcus wrote about using multiple snare drums is completely correct, however, the two players could've been more together. But since this was only the first rehearsal, I've no doubt that they played perfectly later in the concert. But it does seem strange to me that nobody strikes the tam-tam at 1:44 - it's usually there, isn't it? And they've got it, it's shown just a few seconds before the "critical" moment.
  14. . I know, the sound and video quality are horrible (somebody filmed that with a photo), but just for the fun of it. (I'm in the back with the a2 cymbals. )
  15. Friday the 13th, the very first one from 1980. Too bad the complete soundtrack to this first film was never available on CD ...
  16. How wouldn't Ford look good when they inserted a picture of him from 1981?!
  17. Haha, sounds great I should try this, maybe this year ... My fav carol seems to be O Holy Night, also Adeste fideles, also JW's carols of course, and some songs (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Let It Snow, The Christmas Song, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas ...).
  18. In about a year. Gee, really? Why so late? I thought he had it more or less already written by the time the last CR came out ... I was hoping I could already buy it during my visit to London one month from now. On the other hand, it seems kind of logical - LotR CR in 2005, TT CR in 2006, RotK CR in 2007 and Music of the LotR Films book in 2008.
  19. Great. Interested in a short meeting before everything starts? (I just want to see how geeky I look in comparison to the other die-hard JW/FM fans. )
  20. March from 1941, Presenting the Hook, Setting the Trap, Throne Room and End Title, The Cowboys Overture are some examples.
  21. So, Jim Ware and Melange are coming (Melange, are you?). Nobody else?
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