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  1. Oh yes indeed. Watched some Wyatt Earp, GoodFellas and Gone With the Wind in these last days.
  2. Are we indeed? Damn, and I bought those easyJet tickets already!
  3. You can do all that and still remain subtle, how about that?
  4. Definitely. I liked both HP 5 and PotC III, but unfortunately haven't yet had the chance to check out some other new stuff such as Beowulf, Ratatouille and The Bourne Ultimatum. Gotta catch up on that.
  5. I'll be there too, and so will MAG-SI (we're coming together, as well as some (girl)friends). Meeting could be lots of fun! I'm also very much looking forward to the pre-concert talk and perhaps even getting some of my Arnold/Doyle CDs autographed. Anyone else going? Maybe we could organise a pre-concert-talk talk.
  6. And actually a very good listen. Yep, my first association was also this stuff. Isn't there also something in The Matrix Reloaded? It's funny, being a percussionist I still can't remember some percussion only tracks ... konstantinos, whatever you do, be sure to make it heavy on the interesting and cool-sounding stuff, such as tubular bells, tam-tam (preferably at least two - large and small), rolling upturned cymbal on timpani while glissanding them with the pedal, playing vibraslaps (with different sustain), flexatones etc. etc. ...
  7. Yeah, I remember that too, and now I'm annoyed 'cause I can't remember what documentary this was in, perhaps in the Gladiator? If I get a chance, I'll ask Doyle and Arnold about their favs next month at the pre-concert talk in London. I'd also daresay that Shore definitely likes Wagner.
  8. Watched Memoirs of an Invisible Man (with Chevy Chase, Daryl Hannah and Sam Neill) after many years (I saw it in 1992 in cinema as a kid).
  9. Beethoven, Holst, Dvořák, Vaughan Williams, Wagner, R. Strauss, Rimski-Korsakov.
  10. Finally got RotK CR on Saturday. Still waiting for 2 CDs from Varese's latest Club batch.
  11. Got Memoirs of an Invisible Man yesterday. Really loved it in the cinema when I was a kid, so I couldn't resist it when I saw it being sold for few €. Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to obtain the sountrack (by the late Shirley Walker) ...
  12. Gotta order that too, probably some time in January - if I will be left with any money after returning from my London LSO concert and music store visits. Neil, thanks for the interview link.
  13. GOT IT! GOT IT! GOT IT! And it's absolutely outstanding! No, it's not outstanding, it's DIVINE! The circle is finally complete! The Chalice Passed
  14. Haha, same here What a hillarious thought
  15. Conducting without a score is really nothing special and - at least in Europe, IMHO - at least as usual as conducting with it. The conductor of the wind and symphony orchestras I play in actually prefers conducting the concerts without a score, so he can focus on the performance and on his own vision of the music he is conducting. I guess it's also kind of a "liberating" feeling for him. He has enough time to study a score during performances and on his own, but on the concerts, he usually conducts without a score (and I've seen many other conductors do it). I guess there's no rule per se, a lot also depends on a personal preference, so I'm sure there are conductors, who'd never conduct withput a score, as well as those, who'd never conduct with it.
  16. Looks like a great page, it's going straight to my Favorites section.
  17. I've had very positive experience so far. I live in Slovenia, which is just about as far from California as it gets , but still of many times that I ordered CDs from VS (I've always ordered their CDs directly from them, never from e. g. Amazon, where I otherwise order lots of other stuff), not even one time was anything out of order. The CDs always arrived in no more than 10 days from the shipping date and were always in perfect condition. I sure hope this doesn't change ...
  18. Sure thing, so I can come too next year. But indeed, quite a few empty seats ...
  19. Yaaay, mine's already waiting for me at the post office, but I came home too late to pick it up ... So just another sleepless night ahead of me and firs thing in the morning, instead of the breakfast ... ;)
  20. Caught Predator a couple of days ago on TV. Great action stuff, a legend of course. Thinking of watching Misery on DVD tonight, haven't seen it for some time.
  21. 1. Stargate 2. Tomorrow Never Dies 3. The World Is Not Enough 4. Independence Day 5. Casino Royale
  22. I'd really like to go, the memories of LotR Symphony in Vienna this April are after all still fresh (and Wien itself is only about 4 hours from my place with car ), but I'm not so ill-tempered about not going, 'cause I'm visiting this on January 6th, 2008. Anyone else going? (I thought about opening a new thread sometime soon, but I'm already curious about the chances of meeting some fellow JWFan members there. ) They even expanded the program with some additional music and a pre-concert talk with David Arnold and Patrick Doyle!
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