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  1. I've had it for years now and it's definitely worth getting. I'm not really sure about the additional material, but the performances are really inspired and enthusiastic. Go buy it!
  2. Certainly a great pic! A hi-res scan would really be perfect, especially for a wallpaper.
  3. Damn you, Josh500, for setting this poll - I just can't decide!
  4. Main Title March from Superman, Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye from E.T., Somewhere In My Memory from Home Alone and many cues from 007 soundtracks (such as e. g. The Space March/Capsule In Space) come to mind instantly. While I could hardly say that these tracks "make me wanna cry", they do usually turn me very nostalgic and sappy.
  5. You can say that again. Caught Matrix Reloaded yesterday evening on TV.
  6. Another great petition, I'm keeping all my fingers & toes crossed for it to reach its goal.
  7. Voted for Shore, though it was a tough one, almost all of them deserve a vote. My personal favourites (in no particular order) are (aside from JW, of course) Horner, Debney, Elfman, Morricone, Silvestri, Goldsmith, Conti, Zimmer, Gregson Williams, Newton Howard and Barry. Speaking of non-film composers, I really like modern concert band stuff, guys like Johan de Meij, Jan Van der Roost, Alfred Reed, Eric Whitacre, Jacob de Haan, Robert W. Smith, Pavel Staněk, Bert Appermont, Bart Picqueur etc.
  8. Hm, gotta check out that A Charlie Brown Christmas thing. Personally, I'd add Diana Krall's Christmas Songs and Frank Sinatra's The Christmas Collection, to mention but two.
  9. Seems like we posted in the precisely same moment. At least I got the confirmation that it's the II.
  10. All year round, though I confess that the two HA scores playing/listening intensivity somewhat rises in the (nearing, yay) Xmas season.
  11. Yeah, and so young ... RIP, and thanks for fantastic playing.
  12. Ordered Herrmann and Wagner/Korngold yesterday.
  13. Bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Twin Peaks, ordered N by NW Complete Score and Magic Fire from the latest VS Soundtrack Club batch (yesterday) and TLotR - TRotK Complete Recordings (today).
  14. My vote goes to Philosopher's Stone without as much as a second's deliberation.
  15. Haha, indeed we are (I was behind the camera myself )
  16. Got Silvestri's Forrest Gump today. I've had the CD-R for years, wanted to order the original thing from Amazon these days, but stumbled across it today while I was looking for something else (how typical ). (I also bought Symphony X's latest, Paradise Lost.)
  17. Wow, that's great, I've always wanted to hear/see it, so many thanks!
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